Minion busters

Are there any others that kill or mess with minions I’m forgetting?

  • Freya: gives all other minions attack boost.
  • Telluria: has an innate resistance against Minion Removal.
  • Vela: has an innate resistance against incoming negative effects and damage from Minions.
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Ok, good to see the bonuses I forgot about. If Tell has multiple minions he will kill all but one, yes?

No. clearly Telly wasn’t good enough, so they made it so her minions cannot be removed by anything but damage

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No, I’ve had Grimble go off after she was rocking 3 minions and he cleared all of her team’s minions except a single one of hers.

Yes, that was likely because the other 2 minions were destroyed by Grimble’s damage part of his special.


I wonder, if killing a minion with his damage contributes to his “mana gain per each destroyed minion”?

It fully charged up the rest of my team.

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