🗿 Guardian Chameleon: Guardians of Teltoc – Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

As for fixing him I think it quite easy. All you need to do is think about the heroes theme.

Chameleons don’t change the color of its backgroand. it changes its own color.

Simply switch chameleons Debuff in to a buff for your own team. Switch your own heroes to the color they are strong against rather than those of the enemy and weaken his attack and crit buff to balance him.

Imagine this new version at flank on defense. Oh you stacked yellow against my purple tank and failed to kill it? Well now that tank is purple… You brought some green heroes to kill my Richard? Well richard is red now… It might still bite you if timed poorly but at least it could have some applications.

Imagine this hero on offense. You pour tiles from your stack in to the enemy and have none left but you managed to load your chameleon. now you have a board that does have tiles you can use.

Now that is a hero people can get excited about.

The current version to me is in the same group as guardian kong,owl , mok-arr, atomos… Never worth ascending.


There are niche heroes like Guin, that are best 90% in a particular role, and there are gimmick heroes like Gobbler or Chelshire Cat…Chameleon feels like a gimmick…Personally my defense and raid team is almost always Yurple, so all he does is keep switching my heroes between the same two colors and they are always strong…in the challenge event i think its hilarious that he swaps colors, then literally like the next move just swaps them back to normal. I have interest in Gazelle but will not lose a wink if I do not get Chameleon.

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At first I though Cham was going to be overvalued by folks, but seems, at least on the forums, he’s being undervalued… he’s absolutely not a bad hero, his all team buff is very good, the color change can be wonky but can also be very good. Interested to see how / if the opinion evolves over time.


Apologies in advance if this was already discussed:

Chameleon continues to change the color of your hero around the color wheel if he fires again while your color is changed. So your blue hero becomes red the first time GC fires, if you are still red the next time he fires your red heroes become green.

This DID work in my favor in the single battle in which I had this happen to my team because I had a large number of green tiles available.

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The only experience I have with Chameleon is in the event stages. And I love fighting against him. Either I have lots of the tiles I need, and he dies, or I have lots of tiles I don’t need, he changes the colors of my heroes, then suddenly those tiles become useful. I don’t personally see myself ascending him, if I were to pull him.

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I’ve added G. Chameleon’s status ailment to the Status Effects guide :slight_smile: This is a comprehensive guide of all status effects in the game so far:

It’s hard to read on mobile, but I also put a reference of what each element turns to. I’ll post it below too so it’s easier to read for those on their phones:

Ice :arrow_right: Fire :arrow_right: Nature :arrow_right: Ice
Holy :left_right_arrow: Dark

Good catch by Sternman too! :slight_smile: This is how the ailment changes element, if you use it on a changed foe:

I added a link to a note on that in the table.


Yeah I must admit I have a hard time imagining how strong the buff is but I feel like there are three scenarios when using it on offense that make it redundant :

  1. Great board : You have enough tiles left after casting to actually use it for tile damage. I would argue that if you manage to load an average hero and have tiles left over to exploit this buff that you will win that raid regardless of whether or not the buff exists and the win is just as easily obtained with an extra sniper. The buff is good but has no added value compared to other alternatives.

  2. Average board : You load the skill and don’t have many matches left to use the extra damage. The buff becomes limited to the extra attack for other loaded special skills because critical hits don’t apply for special skills. In this scenario I would prefer a sniper to make a hole in the defence to ghost tiles in to while I look for matches. The buff could be good depending on how quickly you find tiles but is worse than opening up a hole to ghost tiles in to.

  3. Bad board : You aren’t getting the matches you need. Some of your heroes die or are badly wounded. your buff only effects some allies and loses most of its potential. Again a scenario where a sniper or a healer would be more desirable. The buff loses a lot if its potency.

In essence this buff is only more useful than an alternative when you have good boards. A situation that you should be winning anyway. So in the one scenario where I would prefer this buff to an extra sniper or a healer is one where I would be just as likely to win if I had chosen a different option. In all other situations Cham would be worse and that is even disregarding the entire color switch part of his skill which to me is a negative rather than a positive.

Now I do rate this buff for titans and defences but due to the color changing chameleon isn’t suitable for either of those roles.

If we take ares and apply the above logic the story is entirely different. He can be used in scenarios 2 and 3 with average and bad boards because his heal buys you time to look for the tiles you need. He can be used on defense because he is tanky and heals and doesn’t gift the opponent tiles to use. He can be used on titans because he doesn’t change the titans color…

Again. I am only speaking in theory here so take this with a grain of salt. Has anyone pulled chameleon and decided that they will max him? I am interested to see how he fares in diamond arena offense. Did anyone use him on beta before release?

I am also interested to hear the thoughts of some of the other users on the chameleon and my thinking but from what I can see the chameleon is one of the worst 5* heroes in the game as things stand due to being unusable in 2 of the three most common applications and having no added value in the third.

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That’s a long reply for me to go through and breakdown, but if folks want a sniper, use a sniper I guess, Cham does have different usability then one obviously and his crit damage is wild. Here are 2 tiles hitting gm (strong vs green but changed) and ses. It’s impressive numbers (buffed by tarlak but not by eve which would have made them even larger)


Now that’s a thumping!! And I thought chameleons were lazy…

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@Guvnor It is probably because Ameonna just affects herself and not everybody on the field. Where as G. Chameleon does.

Rumor from beta says color change used to be a permanent form change like Chameleon form or Zombie form, before being nerfed to a dispellable status ailment.

So this was actually important to the original design, you might deliberately trigger Guardian Chameleon since the color change could not be cleansed or removed. Like loading an enemy with mana to trigger Hansel’s witch killer ( spell slay ). Though Purple-> Yellow-> Purple was a problem.


Click for notes

So I thought i finally found the best use for guardian chameleon; as a benchwarmer!

But then i remembered reptiles are cold-blooded.


If I were in SG’s team designing G chameleon, I would make him have the passive skill to change type depending on the most colour on your team.
So if you semi stack your team with 2 blue, at the start of the match the chameleon will turn into blue. Instead of just changing the enemies into the colour they are strong against, change them to the colour that chameleon is strong against instead. So in this case where he has turned blue, all enemies become red and you can colour stack more effectively for a short period of time. His default colour on a rainbow team will always be green.
Also dispell all enemies buffs only. Because the kicker for him is that he removes all status effects, which includes their debuffs. He will be much better in every aspect


Could be devastating in the right combo perfect to pair with Mitsuko and change opponents to blue before they fire;

Or with a strong AoE and change to most vulnerable colour before you fire. Very interesting…

This is not a standalone hero. He needs the right team around him.


Here’s some thing I’ve noticed when facing Guardian Chameleon in the Challenge Event. On Rare difficulty I usually use a single-colour team, in this case blue. So only blue tiles deal damage, the other coloured tiles all deal 1 damage each. Then Chameleon uses its special, turning my entire team red. Now red tiles deal a ton of damage (as is to be expected) but the strange thing was that my BLUE tiles still did damage as well, making my entire team now strong on two colours!

I’m not entirely sure if it’s supposed to work that way, or how this would translate to a multi-coloured team, but I thought it was worth pointing out.


Thanks for sharing that. Good to see some numbers.

I personally still don’t rate him regardless. My main issue is that when you have his buff on enough allies and still have the tiles for it to matter it doesn’t add anything. Both Sesh and Gm in this pick were already badly damaged and would have died from a mono stack with tarlak buff anyway or close to it. rather than buffing your team at that moment with the chameleon a caedmon could just have easily sniped whatever health might have been left.

You gained nothing but uncertainty by bringing chameleon. Now I admit that this kind of tile damage is fun to watch and that is basically what games should be about but when you are better off in most cases bringing a 4* alternative then your 5* hero needs to be revised.

It is obviously a matter of preference and play style. My reasoning here is simply that if you release a hero with what I would consider a C/D rating for titans and a D/E rating for defence teams that they are at least an A/A+ rated attacker while he seems like a B rated one that adds a lot of complexity with little return. Tarlak is rated by razors guide as a B on Raid and war attacks. I think he is comparable to the chameleon in that regard.

So we have a hero that has titan grade C, Defnce grade D, offensive rating B. A list of 5 star heroes that have at least two C ratings and max 1 B in razors guide : Atomos, Guardian Owl, Justice, Sargasso, Mok-Arr. I mean if you ask every user on the forum for 5 heroes that need to be buffed or rerworked I am pretty sure it will look like this one. Even Quintus and Horghall manage to rack up at least two B ratings and those heroes are notoriously mediocre.

Sure, he has some use on offence but not nearly enough to make up for how useless he is elsewhere.

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This isn’t how it shoudl work. Did you blind the chameleon? Did you have any talented monks? I would expect that perhaps he didn’t switch all of your heroes because he missed some or some dodged.

Hm, I tried testing to see how it would work but I can’t seem to recreate the effect, so either it has been fixed since yesterday or I must have overlooked something the first time. Apologies, ignore my earlier post :slight_smile:

I liked the suggestion upthread that the colour change is designed as a disadvantage to compensate for his otherwise very strong team buffs and total enemy debuff. He’s obviously meant to be quirky rather than a meta changer. I see it that, if you’ve been playing this game for a couple of years, it must get pretty boring just building the most powerful team possible, splurging desperately to acquire the latest nuclear weapon, so you can steamroller over all opposition yet again. Niche heroes that make you think, and plan, and work out unexpected synergies will keep interest alive in people with inquiring minds. That said, I’m a little sad to have pulled him instead of something more, shall we say, mainstream because I simply don’t have the strategic insight to make the most of him. (Or her. Who can say, other than another chameleon?)

Another thought, though, is that Chameleon may have been designed with some forthcoming heroes in season 3. Take, for example, the healing rat who relies on green shields to do its job. Get that rat turned blue and watch the green shields backfire… sort of thing.

I’m also expecting to find Chameleon helpful on event bosses etc, though it’s going to be a long while before he sees any tonics as I’m lucky enough to be up to my ears in decent upcoming greens (another reason he’s somewhat wasted on me). But it’s a 5* and, in common with all the Guardians, looks d***ed cool, so what’s not to like? Some heroes just make me happy by sitting in my roster, whether they’re useful or not. Bat’s another such, and the gorgeous Cheshire Cat.

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