📊 GTV vs. Alternatives [Ongoing Win/Loss Tracking]

Note: This topic is NOT about discussing if Telluria or any other hero is OP or not and it’s also no place to discuss nerfs or buffs. The whole goal of this topic is to collect, share, compare and analyze success rates of certain team combinations. I don’t think this is really possible in the Nerfing Telluria topic, as every post gets buried by hundreds of replies in no time.

As the GTV-Combo [GM - Telluria - Vela] is everywhere right now, I would like to collect some data about the success rates of this synergy compared to other teams.
As I lack GM myself + a lot of other key heroes and don’t have maxed troops or even high emblemed heroes either, I think my own tracking wouldn’t be of much significance.
So I would like to ask others to track their defense wins and losses and share their results with the community.

@D2z shared his results in the Telluria Nerfing Topic:

What would interest me the most personally would be replacing Telluria with Heimdall or Yunan as tank.
So if someone has this heroes ( + GM and Vela would be perfect), I would appreciate it very much.

One further request - please don’t share your data if it’s just final results of one day or less with no ongoing tracking, as it’s also very insignificant. The longer the tracking, the better the results. Intermediate results are very welcome, too, of course. Thanks to all which contribute anything.



I can post my data here tomorrow if you’d like? I currently am running GM -> Yunan -> Vela on defence.

In fact I can post all my defence tracking data… I don’t have the time each defence was set for but I do have all the wins, losses, attacks, cups et …


Alright @Tunixgut here is my data on various tank / defence set-ups.

Bear in mind that some of these have more/ less emblems than others (cause I can’t be arsed switching emblems round…)

Precursor to any of this is that yes, I have Telluria. No I do not plan on levelling her (evidence to follow).

Current Defence

Ariel in for Vela
Can see that it’s worse off but not hugely so…

Onatel Tank Setup
Yeah this one didn’t go so well… Expected seeing as everyone has their Guin busting squads

Avalon Family Bonus
Tried tossing in 3x of the Avalon Family; not brillent lol…

BK Tank, Yunan Flank
Stepping back a ways when I had a lot less emblems lol

3-2 Green & Blue Setup
Idea being to do the same thing as a Yurple defence but with Green & Blue

Christmas Themed
A surprising result but… :man_shrugging:


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