Is the "Rainbow Defence" time over with Telluria?

In top 100 I see, since Tell is on, many defenses with

Blue - GM - Tell - Vela - hitter, where blue is often Finley or Athena. I haven’t seen Tyr in combination or as replacement for GM.
I also see manu Blue - Ursena - Tell -Vela - Hitter combinations.

That’s 2 blues. Is the rainbow time over?

I am not sure as I am first not moving from rainbow defense and my team is 4627tp.

But Telluria tanks with GM and Vela are so boring, everyone is using this combo and raids became such a boring place.

Ok, before Telly there were only Guineviere and Kunchen but this with Telluria it is just plain boring.

I kill them as any other tanks but out of 12 raids today on 2600+ cups 11 were Telly-Vela and some fast fire hero, Drake and various purple.

Like people don’t have vision of any other defense and only copy each other. Damn.


I also came across multiple opponents using Grimble tanks - probably panicked and thinking it as a desperate measure against Tellurians :sweat_smile:

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Wouldn’t call it a copy. It just works fine.


I’ve ran across many Seshat, GM, Telluria, Vela, Drake teams. Rainbow isn’t over.

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One of our teammate ranked 4th worldwide without doing any attacks (only defense)

His team is finley, GM, Telluria, Vela, kingston.

Rainbow might not be over but the Gm telluria vela trio is definetly a winner

Okay great, you will have few raids to revenge and be raiding 4500+ teams all day.

I still see majority rainbow but those that have Finley are going to make him work. If that means 2 blues or not. I think its a bit of an outlier because of his prevalence at the top. Most often, I’m seeing the Tell tank, Vela flank and either GM/Marj with p/y wings. Lots of Seshat and Drakes at that. As people continue to shift heroes and emblems, most return to rainbow because of proven reliability.

I think it’s more that people are switching their tanks and have to swap emblems around. So your probably seeing a couple of the same element until there tunes are emblemed up. Takes a bit of resources too get 18 nodes. Telluria is “new” and yes she is strong- also green/nature and most don’t have a lot of weapons against a green tank for six war hits. But, just give it a few months and you’ll see she’s just another Guin/Ursena tank phase and that’s all. So, what’s the plan to beat this “new fad”… simple- level some more fire heroes Mitzuko, another falcon, get Tyr and next fire HOTM etc. Secondly, and probably most importantly is you will need to level up your troops- all five sets. It’s the tile damage that’ll be the key to beaten these next set of heroes from S3. Three tiles doesn’t wipe out a decently emblemed Telly and if you don’t have a “wide” set of troops … you will struggle.

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How bout a team all mean green with 3 telluria and 2 fast snipers, Lianna & Kingston? Think you’d need a healer?
My Hero rosters full of choices when the month or year comes I get all the necessary items to finish their builds. Lianna, Kingston, telli, Vela, Joon, jean-francois, Ariel, Guinevere, Norms, Magni, Grazul, Domitia, some of which are listed in top 20 heros of 2020.

Time to level Mitsuko then. Strong against telluria and all those blue will kill themselves.

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Yeah a Mitsuko and Natalya combo would be absolutely deadly against this new standard defense.

Actually I use 2 lianna 1 kingston telluria and ratatoskr (will be replaced by lady locke).
When the tiles show up I win.

I wouldn’t use more than one telluria in an attack team, you would get more minions but that’s pretty much it.

I think a green on the wing is still okay with Tell as tank. I plan on running Mother north, Magni/Marjana, Tell, Kage, Joon once I level Tell up. Praying I get GM in may or the HOTM in may

The rainbow defense is far from dead, BUT…

For those of us with the right heroes, it can make sense to run something other than a rainbow. This isn’t unique to Telly though. The Yurple set up has been used for quite some time now and has prove very successful.

It is easy to set up a successful defense that isn’t a rainbow with the right heroes, most players just dont have the depth to reasonably assemble such teams.

FWIW I have been running a rainbow forever and have zero problem gaining cups over night or when i log off as it is. But will be changing to Finley, GM, Telly, Vela, Kingston next week. I cant deny the meta and it is now a proven winning combo.

Ya I wouldnt either but… Lianna, Kingston, telli be trio to test. All of which are in the waiting game…

Only time will tell. In any case my team isn’t telluria proof. There’a no miracle solution yet.


Both are possible depending where you live. I’m happy with both, since i am Dutch and not native speaker :slight_smile: , would send you this in personal mail, but that seems to be not working on this forum :smiley:

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Yeah it autocorrected while I was giving the quotations to make the title a little more clear :slight_smile:

As for PMs only Trust Level 4 & Staff have the ability to create PMs on the Forum (not sure if other discourse forums have it set lower)

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