Best wings for my defense

Hey guys, i just got gravemaker and have emblemed him. So i have telluria, gm and vela. For my wings i have lianna costumed, marjana, poseidon, ursena, and joon all emblemed. Alasie is maxed not emblemed and clarissa will be maxed not emblemed in the next week. Who to put at my wings??? I was leaning poseidon and lianna. But idk about 2 greens. Ursena i just dont find dangerous in the wing with very light damage by the time she goes off… whats my best defense???

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Quoting from (pretty much) the same question, asked by someone else…

If you HAVE to to that route then your “best” option would probably be:
Clarissa & Poseidon.

Clarissa over Ursena because I agree that Ursena isn’t overly threatening in the wing…

You can go with the double green, just have to put Lianna on the same side as Vela, so that the two greens are split by not just the weak colour but also by someone who will punish a red-stack.


biggest problem for Double color is Troop , unless you are high spender to levelup 2 same level Troops

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Thanks guys. Much appreciated. I have a green mana and a crit at 12.

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