Winds?! No...wings of change!

Hi, guys :wink:
I need some feedbacks about this reasonings…
I’m currently running a double purple winged Def to support my GTV core, but I’d like to go rainbow: wich would be your favourite wings between these (all potentially +19) and why?

I was thinking about an outsider option too: Fenrir.
With a so heavy DOT built Def, I think he could have more opportunities to find an <50%/HP enemy to eat alive! :rofl:
Could you give me your thoughts and reasonings @Guvnor @Mr.Spock, @BubblesUK, @Vikingblood80, @Suicide_Bunny, @Ender_BattleSchool, @IvyTheTerrible…? :wink: :heart:

First off I’d encourage you to try and provide SOME variety in defence… At least sometimes… GTV or JTV is very monotonous in raiding already…

If you HAVE to to that route then your “best” option would probably be:
Seshat & Poseidon

Seshat cause she’s just amazing & makes her own minions… With Telluria it becomes minion overload.

Poseidon has less direct damage than Joon BUT he’s fighter class which is better for a winger than joons monk class. Additionally, Poseidon has that pesky mana protection buff which can derail some attack squads which feature/ rely on mana control cough Onatel or Telluria cough


Nice team! The one thing I wouldn’t do is Fenrir. As a proud owner of Mitsuko, I salivate when the telluria tank uses two blues. I really like Seshat on the left wing, I’ve had fights where she’s the only left and she kills me. I truly view joon and Poseidon pretty equal. Pick the one you like more I’d say.


Part of me hates me for giving this advice, but Seshat in left wing is great - if the offense has Mitsuko, Seshat may remove the blue shield from 2-3 enemies, saving your Vela and ruining the attacker’s plans.

She’s also going to remove any other types of buffs of course, which none of your other heroes available is capable of doing.

Now if Seshat is there, you have Joon or Poseidon for the right wing… Which of them has emblems? Poseidon by powercreep is stronger, and the talent may be annoying so unless his talent tree is not yet fully developed or your Joon has costume, I would take Poseidon.

Yup, if you want to make community a good service, please pick something else :rofl: . However, we know what the most effective team nowadays is…


Oh, yes…variety…I’ve got it, my friend…I know and agree it’s a good medium/long term way of thinking…but I’ve just acquired my GM on a single coin summon during the last Atlantis, and I immediately have brought him to +20, so…let me enjoy The Trio a bit…only a bit! :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
I love my Seshat too…but also the Jabberwock is a real beast! Riddles in the dark… :wink:


Telluria just became my first maxed 5*. I’m familiar with her, but not the crazy high-tier meta y’all are in. I was looking at Seshat for future Atlantis pulls, but decided against it because the high minion count could be inefficient. She gets 3 minions between herself and Telluria, and then additional minions past that are wasted opportunity. When I get higher level, should I expect minions to drop fast enough that I shouldn’t worry about that limit? Or should I expect to hit 3 minions sometimes, and just be thrilled about its power rather than thinking about potential minions wasted?

I’d think Jabberwock because GTV’s area damage is likely to soften up the opponent’s wings for the Jabberwock’s attack. I’ve been playing for a year, but reading from y’all still makes me feel like a newb :laughing:

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The good thing about Seshat’s minions is that they replicate. When they replicate at max capacity, the oldest minion is the one which is removed, which is also the minion that takes damage first… So you end up with a self-regenerating winger with (potentially) an unending supply of pseudo Heal-Over-Time (HoT)


O_O Thank you I want one :smiley:
(Edit: Eh… The monthly’s gonna be Raffaele though, so party canceled :laughing:)

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Without reading the previous answers:

Purple: Seshat over Jabber. You already have much dot. Seshat is really annoying on defense…immune to mana cut, minions - might overwrite with Telluria, dispell 3 (quite important)…this is like the best overall package you can get on defense

Yellow: Joon over Poseidon. Both do a quite an amount of damage. I see blind as the third worst curse after DoT and all kinds of def down in the game. I even struggle more with his basic version as monk who can resist all kinds of DoT (Victor) and other ailments (Telluria). I am even less scared facing the costumed version as a fighter. You can kill fighters with DoT and off-color tiles after revive.
Poseidon would protect your team against mana slow down from attacking Telluria.

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I see the general consensus to Seshy vs Jabber…quite interesting :thinking:
Joon vs Poseidon seems a more close fight instead…quite interesting too :wink:

Choose as it fits your style. You won’t notice any real difference in cups.


This thread is fascinating on an academic level (since of all those heroes I only have Joon :rofl:). I love reading these for the insights into how heroes work together against me.

I don’t have much to offer to the discussion as a result, but I always personally find Joon more of a challenge than Poseidon when facing them. Perhaps because of the blind.



Sorry, wait. I mean, my first reaction was Seshat at left wing and Jabberwock at right wing. I wouldn’t worry about doubling up on the color at wings. GTV kind of demand you do whatever you’d do to counter them, regardless of the wings. If they go heavy yellow, they were going to do that regardless of your wings. I guess if they crack the center trio they win a bit more often now, but I think most of the time the fight won’t come down to that.

I like Seshat to add dispel. Most cleansers will also buff (Ariel, Costumed Rigard, Vivica, Zimkitha, etc.), so a dispel is a good add for you. She could also complicate timing for their potential Mitsuko. Her clearing a reflect can really compound, since getting 2/3 reflected instead of 5 could mean Vela lives.

Re; Jabberwock there are two main reasons I like them. The first is obviously just to lean in to the DoT situation you have. But the other thing is that they are a brutal complement to GM. If I were attacking a GTV center I’d normally just stash my vulnerable heroes (greens and / or healers) in the corners. Jabber really punishes that, complicating their decisions about lineup order (to the extent that it also may be difficult / impossible for them to bring the greens they want).

I want to be certain I’m being clear about this since I think it’s something that comes up rarely in the forums. I’m guessing most people just don’t go to the trouble of thinking about or re-aligning their attack team. Here is a raid I fought against Rigs in which it came up. Since his D had Jabber but NOT GM I was free to expose Mother North in the tank spot, which I wouldn’t do if GM had had the field.

The bottom line with both of these is just to cause as many problems for your attacker as possible. I think these two do the best job challenging lineup decisions and creating in-raid timing problems. I don’t think your holy heroes do that. I like Poseidon in theory, but I think in most situations his mana control block won’t fire early enough to help you as much (quick contrast - I think he is the most annoying flank for Kunchen).


Let the poor person (and everyone else in a similar position) enjoy their new found power.

They want to enjoy their new toys. And why not?! Absolutely nothing wrong with this.

As for the concerns about monotony… you want variety?

Start figuring out how to consistently and relentlessly defeat GTV/JTV teams.

Then people will change them, once they start losing cups.

Back on topic to the OP: I think the fiercest options you have on the wings are Seshat and Jabber, though it invites colour-stacking yellow against you especially if the attacker has Malosi. For this reason, I’d consider Poseidon in place of your choice of one of those darks.


Love, love your way to explain your reasonings with deepness of thoughts and a nice touch of passionate and personal experience…I like how you like this game: the way it shines through your words and from the people like you, makes me like this game more!:wink: So maybe I’m reconsidering to change my current double purple winged set-up :sweat_smile:
Thanx for your reply @IvyTheTerrible…really, really appreciated :wink:


Ivy knows her stuff. And honestly she’s right, Jabber and Seshat are a bit better than the two yellows mentioned. And if any attacker is crazy enough to stack Yellow against your team, they would be lucky to have a 10% win rate.


We’re all here to play a game and have fun, all of us poor persons :wink:
Our toys are the tools we need to do that; so playing this game with all these toys we all talking always about, it’s fun…and when I have fun it makes me feel fine, and yes…in a certain way…rich :wink:
Thanx for your reply @ModernThinker :wink:


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