Grizzly Den 12/13* titans, growing fast!

Looking to fill Grizzly Den Part of the Grizzly Nation Family! Got What it takes to Be a Beast?!?

Killing 12/13* Titans

10ish maxed 5*

10ish maxed 4*

As an added bonus you get to pick the brains of seasoned players from top 100 alliance Grizzly Nation!

Contact: elbeardo_ep and hbyrnes07511 on line or visit Discord


How many slots do you have open?

Could also join the discord server to hear all the wonderful voices!!! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::hear_no_evil: … Just sayin’.


Happy Cake Day @Purpeyes


Hello Grizzly Den, I would love to have you all in our Alliance. Currently 20/30 and killing 10-11* titans… Europe/USA/Australia members, no drama adults :slight_smile: Find us in Freelandia. Looking forward to join our potential.

Only 4 spots left!! :hear_no_evil:

5 spots left!! Inquire within!! (You know you want to listen to the voices!) I do! :hugs::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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2 spots left!! Hurry before they are all gone!!

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New and improved beds available at the Grizzly Den! Come check out our refurbished international alliance and all its doo-dads and thingy maboppers! We don’t leave the lights on for ya, and the beds are mainly made outta dirt. But there’s breakfast! :thinking: I think.

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Grizzly Den is really social and super helpful. Enjoying the game again and seeing my best scores after 3 years of gameplay. Still spots available :blush:


Aww!!! We love having you @WastingTimeAsUsual!! :heart::heart::heart:


Spots available!
Join this Amazing community!

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3 spots left!!! :bear: When applying, Tell them the Voices sent ya! :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth::crazy_face:

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Rooms available!! Fun loving Grizzly family looking to raise a couple more cubs!! Join now and grow with us!!

Quick!!! Get your spot before the voices or @WastingTimeAsUsual take all of the cozy beds!!!

Bumpity bump for the Den. Awesome alliance!

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5 spots open. Great place for new players to be trained by experienced players! Contact line ID: elbeardo_ep

Grizzlies needed!! Anyone out their with roar talent who can grin and bear all these terrible puns :man_facepalming: Contact line ID: elbeardo_ep

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Just preparing for war!!

Spots still available Contact line ID: elbeardo_ep