Asking for a friend

Asking for a friend who doesn’t lurk on the forum or chats room.

She’s active, higher level, doesn’t leave war flags and hits the titan. She’s looking for an active alliance who does FFA wars, capped titans at 10 or less. Good leadership who doesn’t tolerate war flags being left. Chatty, friendly members. Line preferred.


Why dont you join us, or u looking for ppl to join you. We hitting 13star titans

This one maybe suitable for ur friend?


Thanks, I’ll pass that one by her!

Grizzly Den might be right for your friend though I believe Den is hitting 11* titans right now.

She’s pretty adamant about what she’s looking for at the moment.

Fair enough, hope she finds a good home :+1:

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Have a look at us, we got a female leader and lots off ladys in the team, sure she will fit in well.

She’s looking for titans no higher than 10, thanks.

She is looking for us! And ditto… LOL

Please send her this link ~~

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Yıldızlar Karması has open spots. We would love to have you!
Come check us out

Thanks but that’s a bit ambitious for what she’s looking for right now.

If she is active player it is enough. She can try to join us.

This alliance titan is rolling between 9 and 10* and don’t wanna go beyond 10* as they are casual alliance.

They are not too chatty (not much talking). The members just play the game as parts of entertainment and not as a chore.

The best thing is they are using all flags on titan and war.

So if ur friends want a relax environment try to join them for 1 or 2 weeks. If she likes it then stay there permanently

Hello princess,
We would be very happy to welcome your friend in our alliance Git Your Rage On!.

It seems we could be a good fit and meet the overall expectations, please check us out and contact us back.

Tommy (Sire)

Thanks for the update. She enjoys the social part of an alliance so I know she’d prefer an alliance with some lively conversation. That one may be too quiet for her.

Are your wars FFA? That’s a deal buster for her at the moment. She’s has some real life commitments at the moment and the wave strategy won’t work for her.

Yup. It is not chatty at all

First and major expectation is to use all 6 war flags if signed in. For the strategy, we try to have as much as possible coordinated process each time, but as stated in description of our alliance we have understanding to all real life situations, so we always have couple of members who cannot follow the rest, but attack when they can and this is fully accepted norm.
Feel invited and test us out if this sounds fine.