Level 62 and Looking for a new Place to play

Level 62 player who never misses titan or war. Looking for a fun group who doesn’t make this game miserable, but loves to win and achieve. Sense of humor and sarcasm a plus.


Check out the calypso. It is a fun group of long time players.

The Grizzly family are always looking to take on ambitious players.

You might check out the Crew. Raiders would a good fit for you like it is for me, level 61 and kicking butt.

Maybe reach out to @Math4lyfe or @Rigs
For the best fit in any of the Crew family



You are about to be inundated with requests…

@Timber @Yates1876 @Top702 and the crew family have already been tagged too.

Good luck with your decision making


Seconded…the Crew crew is cool. I’d suggest my alliance but we just hit 30 for the first time in forever! Yay us!



Another vote for Crew-Raiders. We’re trash talking, sarcastic as hell and fun loving group. Looking for folks with 4400TP, who are also war oriented, raid aggressive and who are not opposed to War Strategy. Contact SBT in line if interested.

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Congrats to y’all!! :slight_smile:

And thanks for the tag @PooFlingerJr.

@PoppaK feel free to find rigs in line (jrigs) if you want to talk crew and options… although raiders is a very solid choice.

You’ll have several great options available to you… take your time and ask any questions you may have to ensure it’s a good fit on both sides.

Happy gaming :slight_smile:

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@PoppaK - we are a small committed group of 6 or 7. Majority of us hang out in diamond level. Hit me up if you are considering a smaller group, and I can explain our current situation. Line ID Yates1876, Discord is the same. We are definitely all sarcastic and funny lol.

Good luck with your decision…I am sure you will get hit up a ton.

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Please check out our alliance, Tuck The Fitans

We are well established and play to both have fun and win. A good mix of folks from all over. 9-11* titans, all flags used in war. Have a couple spots left from some recent departures, you would be more than welcome to join us!

You can check us out, we have 3 spots. Armour of God [AOG].

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Lobster Stew would welcome you.

98% war flags used over past six wars. Coordinate tank colors & initial attack.

Titans are optional, kill 9* & 10* (including rares using flasks).

Fun, supportive team with a Line chat.

If you need more sophisticated war strategies we understand. We enjoy the game but will never ask someone to wake up in the middle of the night.

Best of luck finding a good home.


Fun sarcasm and humor…check! We also are very helpful to each other and are all over the globe. No line or discord but very active in game chatter for war hits and titan flasks.

Check out De Raptors. hitting 8-10 star titans. I’ll welcome you personally!!

If you aren’t anti-military or anti-america, you can’t find a much better alliance with what you’re looking for than US MILITARY VETERANS. Laid back, yet all dedicated, high level players. Only main rule is to use all flags if you opt in to war. We all have a pretty good time, and you don’t have to worry about getting flack if you occasionally miss a titan or anything :wink:

I’m late to the party, but Path of Daggers is a small alliance well outside the top 100 with 20 active members from around the world who vary in level from gold to diamond. If you want a supportive fun community that doesn’t expect perfection, but does expect you to show up and try, then you’ll fit right in.

Regardless of where you go, I hope you find a great group of people to play with. Healthy Community is the best medicine for overall wellbeing.

If you don’t join @Math4lyfe @PooFlingerJr and @Rig, I would recommend helios.

We are top 100, very relaxed, and a good group looking for a few folks at the moment.

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PoppaK, Red Hot & Blue may not be the top 100 but we are rapidly growing. In a month we went from level 3 Titian to level 7&8(need more guns to handle 8’s. In our young existence we are 4W and 2l and one of those losses the had 46
00 pt. We are learning to work together. We cover Uk, USA and Australia. We are a fail talkative group for being together for only a month. We only ask that you take at least 6 lick of a titian and use ur all your flags in war. We have a 1000 cup min and a 3000 def min. Sometime we are open and sometime we are by invite

Our blue lady has a Line account Azures 33. we wound glad to meet you.
I’m the co-leader just Hoot sent you.


Not sure if you’ve found a new home already and I see some high caliber options here!

Throwing this in this ring just in case.

I’m on a little retirement atm due to RL issues, but this is my former alliance of over 3 years, Dead Titans Society. They are amazing and need just 2 more players to be full. 12/13* Titans, very friendly group, funny and helpful team mates.

You might be a good fit with us here at Turpitude.