Seats available for relax but active player. Join ronin***

Hi there,

ronin*** have 1 spots available for relax but active members to build an alliance together.

  • 800 trophies required.
  • Online daily
  • Long term player
  • Easy going alliance
  • FFA war. No serious strategy. Use tank coordination.
  • Use all flags. (Although that has not happened yet. But we are getting better)


Alliance name : ronin***
Leader : Fransis
Members: 29/30
Current Alliance score: 143036
Current member Level range: 14-80
Titan : 6 to 8 :star: and We use hapoons occasionally.
War strategy : NONE. Just use your strongest team and attack wisely.

Come and join us. we are waiting for you.


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Frostburn…I’m Garet’Jax…level73…70 5*'s…30 4*'s… i’m very active…titans…and war…really over where i’
ready to join your group…will leave an come over now…let me know…

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@MjL please come and join us. we are waiting for you. Let’s build the alliance together.

Hey we currently have 6 spots! Savage burn is our alliance. Send a scout and come check us out. We are on a 4 war win streak while using all out flags. We kill 7/8* titans. We are Canadian and Dutch. Super friendly with all age groups! My in game name is B52

We have couple strong members join up but still need a lot more. currently we just finish 2* titan very quickly and will reach 4* without obstruction soon. We are very welcome to all level player, just be an active player. Come and check us out at ronin***

How many do you have? We could try and free up some spots if need be?

We currently have 6/30 members. They are very welcome. Thank you.

Sorry just had to run out in on now tho. I could have 6 spots for you. Would you like to come check out our alliance savage burn . I think you may like it here!!

Interested in coming and checking us out ?

Sorry for late reply. Thanks for the offer. Please allow us sometimes to build alliance. If it’s not going to work. I will then consider that.

Ok thanks for getting back to me! Sounds good. Just come say hi anytime if your bored!

number of members updated.

update info in main post.

we are now 11/30 members hitting 4* titan and progressing to 5* soon.

can’t edit main post. so I update here

Members: 13/30
Current Alliance score: 46701
Current member Level range: 9-73
Titan: :star::star::star::star::star:

If you click on the pencil at the bottom of your post, you as the creator of the post, should be able to edit it :thinking:.

Hi. I am considering leaving my current Alliance because of lack of activity. Do your current members typically use all flags in War (or at least use as many flags as are practical)? We just lost a War because some high level players signed up for War but did not use any of the flags.

the pencil icon just disappear. don’t know why.

Here’s the edit screen when I click on the pencil :thinking:

@Christian77… Most of our members use all flag in wars. I am encourage our team to use all flags, otherwise should not join a war.

Please visit our alliance and have a look if it is suit your style. We are hitting 6 :star: titan. Hope to you see soon.

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