Grimm vs Azlar for Barbarian Class Upgrade

I’ve been kicking around the idea of spending tokens and am enjoying the discussions that everyone is having on it.

What is everyone’s thoughts on saving up for the 5* or loading up a good 4*?

For example, as the title indicates, I have both Grimm and Azlar ready to go. I currently use Azlar in my defense team, but he’ll be giving way to Zimkitha soon. I use him and Grimm both a lot of attacking, Titans, wars, etc. I think both will have a place in my gameplay for a long time.

So, thoughts on which one to start upgrading first? Or at least crack the first node on both?

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This is insane for me… I aint saving sht for my 5*… They are far away from getting any emblems. My 4* gets them :smiley:

If your 5* are ready for them than is worth the emblem, If they are far away than go for what you have.

My Grimm got the emblem :smiley:

You will get alot of mix feelings and alot of “save them”… I am that exception. I play the game! :stuck_out_tongue:


@Isaac57, have you looked at the talent trees? I might be persuaded by which one is faster when the emblems are used. If “slow is death”, then I do not want either until they can be bumped up to average.



Good point.

Side note: Do you mind sharing your alliance? We have a “Bud” in ours who doesn’t use chat, and I am left wondering if that’s you.

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Not me. I run troll akademi.

A K A DiceTroll


Great question, and the answer hinges on this: what purpose are you trying to fulfill with your upgrades?

I’ll suggest there are at least four good answers:

  1. Improving my defenses to win more wars, and hold a higher tier in raids, and get more loot
  2. Improving my titan attacks to place higher and get more loot
  3. Improving my offensive core to win more raids on offense
  4. To buff heroes I think are fun just because

If you choose #1, you should get your alliance to share your thinking—you won’t win more wars if you’re the not person prioritizing defense upgrades.

The answer also depends on how often you use 4*. Mine don’t really see a lot of play, but I’m also aware that the defenses I’m seeing more and more have 5* withntakents on them. My 4* are going to become increasingly irrelevant without talents.


I see the improving of titan scores through adding talents to be a bit the front runner of your four as it seems easier to find like colors than matching classes. For 3-3 or 2-2-1 raiders, this might hold true, too.

That opinion is based on three trials in which I fielded teams with little synergy, but they were all that fit the requirements.


Cool. Thanks to you and @Kerridoc!

I agree with the breakdown.

In the long run, I’m probably not going to use either as part of my defense team. Currently Azlar is there, but Zimkitha is coming up the chain and will take over as my red.

I DO use them both and foresee them both being longtime members of my raid attacks, wars, and Titan game. Honestly, probably Grimm longer.

I’m pretty stacked at red:
(all maxed)
-Zimkitha coming up.

Blue I’m not quite as strong:
(all maxed)
and Magni coming up.

So I think I can see Grimm being part of my blue stack longer.

Make sense?

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@Isaac57 What did you decide to do? Having the same dilema at the moment.


I bumped Azlar +1 (which I probably wouldn’t do again) and have Grimm at +16 now and still use him as my 3rd blue in a stack with Magni and Ariel.

I do use Azlar in my red stack, but not in my every day, where I use Zimkitha.

I think having a maxed Grimm is probably a better thing than a +3-4 Azlar. I also have Kage ready to go, so…

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Since 4 star heroes are the backbone of this game, they are the means for F2P and C2P players in defeating P2P players and their bunch of 5 star heroes and 4 star troops. Embleming 4 star heroes improves the chance for F2P and C2P players defeating the P2P players. But only temporarily. Once sufficient emblems are circulated and gathered, there is no way 4 star heroes +20 can compete to 5 star heroes +20. The disparity is so huge that the investment made on the emblems placed on 4 star heroes is depressing.

Emblem your Azlar.


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