Advice on who to give Barbarian emblems to, Azlar or Grimm?

I am at a crossroads regarding usage of my barbarian tokens. It boils down to this : Azlar or Grimm.

Some information regarding my roster. My 5* heroes are Azlar, Drake, Drake, Leonidas, vivica, obakan, and kadilen.
I employ a 3-2 strategy when raiding and in war.

Azlar is on my defense team. Grimm is not.

Everything is telling me to use them on Azlar, but the cost is prohibitive as compared to Grimm.


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personally i will do *4 , but no full Asc and will stop 2-3 before end level. it need around 380 Emblem which is more better than do *5.

in ex : Proteus 80% Emblem filled will get same Stats as Hel without emblem

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Id say your safe with azlar, it would help your defence team and offense, also the only other 5* you can get from TC20 is Obakan for Barbarian, the rest are hotm and events. I think your emblems are best going to Azlar. IMO

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Thank you both for your replies.

One reply for each side of the argument happening inside my own head, hence the need to post this on the main forum.

Quite the quandary, if I do say so myself.

Arios makes a good point as well, but hey, since you already have 2 drakes im going to assume you are at the very least C2P , im thinking Gravemaker will maker a return in the next 2 months for season 2, him and Alasie are bound to make a come back any month now. Now thats a hero worth giving the emblems to if there was any doubt (if you plan on maling a few pulls).

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I do plan on making a 30x pull on Atlantis once Poseidon is featured. Until then, my earlier C2p has become just VIP for the last 6 weeks.

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Have you added up the attack or defense or health Grimm gains and compared it to Azlar with no increase?

They will both get the “wound” talent, so the difference will be the subsequent nodes given to Grimm. Compare what you would have and ask yourself what you would use either for. Don’t guess.

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For fast shorterm = grimm
For slow longterm = azlar

Depends on how fast u want it to be

@Rushfan1974 - what did you decide to do? Having the same diliema at the moment.

My vote is for Grimm. I want to say rng has been on my side but for only two nodes in, the bleed DoT is applying a lot. If you are able to divvy up the emblems to where you can be at most 5 nodes in on both then do it. I know Azlar is significantly more expensive than Grimm but I think having nodes in both would be a good way to go.

My feeling is if you are content using Azlar in your defense then give them to him

I don’t have Azlar and had only Grimm has a barbarian until LJ’s pull recently, so the question never crossed my mind .
But look at that:

How can you not choose the 6-pack demon (he actually becomes a 8-pack demon at +18, these abs are just all over the place🤣)


@J1mau His abs have more abs? :joy::joy::joy:

I lost my 6-pack a while ago. Replaced it with a keg.

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