Conan please!

Hello there.
I am wondering if there are other players that lack a decent 5 star barbarian. I’ve got Azlar and that’s it. And still 500 barbarian emblems left after I’ve put some into Jott, Grimm and Gormek.
Strange or just bad luck?!

If you are F2P/C2P its normal, if you are P2P its bad luck


The second time today you are a source of knowledge. Much appreciated. Do you have some kind of analysis/statistics where I can check this for myself?

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Sadly no, its all based on my (I’m F2P with 2 acounts) and my teammates pulls, if you don’t pay its hard to get 5* in every class even after over 3 years

P2P are doing much more pulls so they have better chance to have 5* in every class but even they can be unlucky, it can be even worse, one of my friends who isn’t whale but spends some money never pulled red 5*


I’d say bad luck.

I’ve been playing for 2.5 years and I’ve got a big lack of 5* decent sorcerer and rogue heroes and more than 1700 emblems of each class.

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Good sorcerer heroes are pretty rare for the f2p crowd. I have so many I’ve actually got +20 on Skittleskull and Jahangar.

As for barbarians, yeah I was lucky enough to get Malosi but my Azlar doesn’t even have any emblems. Most went to 4*.


Yeah. I also have Azlar maxed and WAS lightly emblemed. Stripped him of emblems as I find better heroes for those. Currently have Kageburado+20, Gravemaker+20, Ametrine+20, Karil+20 with MCB, and 2 Nordris both at +20. I reckon that’s a total of 4,255 used barbarian emblems. My next barbarian emblems may go back to Azlar or Miki. I am also contemplating of sharing barb emblems on Jott, Gormek (for the costume version), Grimm and Gretel.

Stripped my Skittle with MCB. Gave them to my Uraeus+20. He and Mitsuko are my only fully emblemed sorcs. Some emblems are placed on Sabina for her costume version. Thought of giving Jahangir some since I have his costume already maxed, too. How is the 3* version of Colen and Azlar in raid tourneys or challenge events?

I use him in tourneys and there he works great. Don’t have the costume yet. Unfortunately for me my only 5* sorcerer is an unlevelled Quintus. I may be maxing him after finishing Malicna mainly for wars. My other 4* choices for sorcerer emblems are Ameonna and Carol, neither of which do I have a feel for how to use yet. I’ve used Ameonna sometimes on titans but … meh. All the purple tiles get used up in charging her and then by the time I get them back she needs charged again. She is ok with big cascades but then other options I have in purple would be better.

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Thanks. I guess my 3* monored team will welcome him. Currently have costumed Hawkmoon+20, Sudri+19, Bauchan+20 and Rudolph+18. The rest are unemblemed.

Jahangir with costume (for the manabonus) at +20 charges in 6 tiles in a very fast tournament. Together with c-hawkmoon+20 he can really make a difference


After 3 years of play my barbarian is mikky.
And im happy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
Mikky one fully emblemed.
Mikky 2 on node 9.
Me got Azlar recently.
Didnt started leveling him up yet.
And im not F2P.


I have to put things right. I was going through my hero roster today. I dó have another 5 star barbarian. Mok-Arr. That was the 1st 5 star hero I got years ago. Totally forgot about him. Haha.

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