Green attack roster (mono) & hero leveling order

hi there,

i am struggling a bit with my green attack team (when using mono, or more generally green heroes in attacks) and i’d like to have your opinion on who i should level next.

it “looks like” my main struggles come from the fact that i lack DPS, this is to be taken in consideration.

as of now, when mono’ing, i am using one of these:

Zocc, Telluria (18), Kingston (18), Buddy, Caedmon
Zocc, C.Melendor, Kingston (18), Buddy, Caedmon

my other “leveled” greens are Peters & Skittleskull.

due to the lack of tonics and heroes i wasn’t able to level other heros, but i recently good some good ones and need to choose which one to level next:

  • Mother North
  • Kingston (a second one, that could be good for the DPS i lack)
  • Ratatoskr
  • Elkanen
  • Horgall (almost a joke)

i did hesitate between a second Kingston (great hero) or Elkanen (underrated it seems) that could replace my Caedmon, but i’ve just got MN (and i hate slow heroes) and ratatoskr… they are nice but not DPS… so…

Any thoughts ?
thanks again

Max mother North.

MN buddy (fam) zocc Kingston cadeom.
Be a cool set up plus if it going south she can revive your heros.
Plus she handy in defence too. And new war rush attack.

Have to agree - Mother North should be your next 5* Green.
Whichever hero you choose luck

Thanks for the hints…I was expecting to replace caedmon though whose damage suck

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