Squirrel 🐿️ before Kingston ? Or is that just nuts?


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Fingers crossed that the end is in sight for covid with vaccines on the horizon.

Anyway, back to game nonsense.

I’ve been amazingly fortunate to get two rare heroes and, of course, they’re both from the same element.

Kingston and Ratatoskr

I’m already short of tonics but which to do first when the opportunity arrises?

Squirrel - a great healer and particularly strong on green stacks and so good for titans and a bit of a wildcard on raid offence. I have fewer good monks, so emblems are available.

Kingston - an excellent sniper with attack debuff - well rounded and effective everywhere, but unlikely to make a huge difference to my overall win rate. I have a lot of competition for fighter emblems - Tyr, Killhare, Elena, Magni, c.Bolders so Kingston is likely to only get a couple of nodes.

Would either get into my standard green stack?

It’s probably my favourite team.

I know Zocc is considered a bit of a damp squibb but I actually like him.

The normal strategy is to punch out a blue tank with tiles, Evelyn, Liana and Caedmon then kill the main one or two threats. Zocc holds any counters or healers.

Could they help form a second decent green team?

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Are you rocking a level 23+ mana troop on Zocc? If he is firing at same time as the fast greens (3 matches) then no I probably wouldn’t replace him with Kingston. Squirrel would probably be an upgrade to Melendor

I like the idea of King and Lianna following Evelyn, to virtually guarantee two kills. I find my heavily emblemed Caedmon doesn’t quite get there, and should really only be used where cleanse or dispel are essential (admittedly quite a lot of cases), so there could be a time where you drop Caedmon for Kingston

If you had Almur, then a second green team could be built around him, but I don’t think think you’re quite there for a second high level green team

My green team is Heimdall 18, Lianna 18, Evelyn 11, Caedmon C 18, Hansel 18, and it is one of my faves too. Essentially swap Heimdall for Mel and Hansel for Zocc, who play similar roles, and it’s the same team. Lucky enough to have Frigg waiting for two tonics and that will give some flexibility

But anyway, long story short, I think I would go for King first, and replace Mel with squirrel long term. Squirrel would get your high mana troop then too


No, only up to lvl 19, so Zocc is a smidgen behind.

With so much DoT around, it’s hard to exclude a fast cleanser!

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So level 23 is a few months away. That will suit the overall strategy of Kingston replacing Zocc now, and Squirrel replacing Mel later. I find having everybody except the healer firing at same time with Evelyn’s debuff is very destructive

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That sounds pretty sensible, thanks @Infinite

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They aint rare hero’s :wink:
Kingston I’d go with as @Infinite Said the double kill in raid or war will be handy plus with Kingston 4% mana buff for all nature can be good with the set up.
My green mono is my fav at the moment almur+18 bryhild+18 Kingston+9 zeline cadeom+9 with bryhild and Kingston mana buff the mana comes quick.


Go with Kingston he’s great! Or if you really, really want a healer wait for next month since there’s a chance for MN and LotL both

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If you choose +8th mana node, then Zocc need only Mana Troop lvl17, become 9 tiles is great!

I do not have Ratatoskr, so I’m not sure how to use, but in paper I agree he is great Titan boost.
Otherwise Kingston is very solid for overall use in Raid, War, Map, etc…
Both are great :muscle: :+1:


From what I’ve seen and what I’ve experienced, because I have all of those heroes, I would level Ratatoskr first because he compliments Evelyn just as well, if not more so than Kingston. In a stack a single tile buffed by Ratatoskr in a green stack can deal 500-600 damage each. Imagine how much damage that would do with a hero that was hit by Evelyn!? You know what? I’m gonna record a hit or two and I’ll show you what I mean.

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Here y’all go. Tell me what you think @JonahTheBard


ONLY true way to tell anything is go to a map stage and hit the SAME boss with the same amount of tiles with ONLY the 1s you are testing and get that score… Do NOT fire any others.

How do you figure? The team synergy is the most important part. If the decision was Ratatoskr or Kingston without Evelyn, then I would say Kingston, but the other heroes plays an important part. I made a video of a typical green attack, but I don’t want to post such a short video to youtube. Is there a way for me to post it here?

I don’t have Kingston but I have a levelled Ratatoskr. And he doesn’t get to fight much - I choose cMelendor and Brynhildr ahead of him every time, because I like their secondary effects.
He is great in the blue titan team though.

Tough decission:

I think Rat can improve your team better than Kingston, having Zeline, Lianna and Zocc as hitters. But at 3.70 Rat still can shine

For titans you can go Rat, Eve, Buddy, Lianna and Zocc.

For wars I´d go Kingston.

Squirrel is one of few 5* average speed healers, so if you don’t have Ariel or Delilah, he is very useful. He is also useful on titans. Kingston is a great sniper that cripples enemy’s attack power. In the end it’s up to whether you need someone who heals vs. more firepower.

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I guess I am late to the party. If I understand this correctly, I’d max Kingston, no questions asked unless I’d want a Titan hero.

Your cMelendor is full with 9 tiles, Rata needs 10. Specials comparable, Rata has better stats though. Of these two, I’d raid with cMel because of this 1 tile.

Kingston is a good snipper that doesn’t burn (think of all the GM flanks, although I guess you won’t attack GM with mono green). What makes him great and better than Lianna and Zocc is the attack down that allows you to fire and then re-arrange the board by dumping tiles into the opponents heavy hitters (just look at 344 points hit from Sartana in @King_Kyree77’s video around 0:40) .


Look at Kingston as eating your veggies — he will stack and can be used on defense and have a long life …

Squirrel is more situational — you’ll use him think he’s neat, then hibernate his nutty ash for a lot of your fights…

You have Evelyn — can stack emblemed Kingston the fighter easier than an army of rangers.

LotR lied to you.

Plus there are journeyman, costumed green healers that could do most of what Sandy does on the healing end — without the razzle dazzle.

I’m in the same boat — got several greens folks get all twitterpated over… LotL, Zocc, Locke…

Locke was next — but bumped again… as C Caedmon can cleanse and Kingston doesn’t burn, hits hard and drops attack

Point is Sandy can wait - you won’t really miss her; she’s not a Heimdal, Frigg type of shift and kingston will earn his place more consistently — you won’t think you wasted anything and he will help you get more tonics :slight_smile:

Ps Poor Yunan might as well pack his hobo satchel — no tonics or emblems with Kingston around and I forgot to mention him — but was excited to get him

Not kidding — loading the feeders to get him to 4/80 quickly :slight_smile:


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