Grazul vs?

Let’s say that you got today:

Grazul and Marjana. Only maxed red is Anz, no 5* healers. Others: Onatel, Ranvir, Misandra, Magni, Miki, Thorne, Margaret, Kadilen, Domitia, Toth-Amun

Grazul and Elena. No other reds. Others: Seshat, Quintus, Rana, Musashi, Morgan, Gregorion, King Arthur

Both accounts have all significant four stars. Who would you pick up to be maxed?

Ibwould go with grazul although grazul is not a great healer you have none 5* oj the other hand you have a few snipers…
Grazul will help you a lot against GM Kunchen Onatel and all other tanks that cause status ailments

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Grazul in both cases. You can’t go wrong with a 5* healer, especially if you don’t have one maxed yet

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