[Global][Top 500] Great Minds

Great Mindsthink alike!

We’re a tight-knit group of established players that have quickly moved up the ranks into the top 500 alliances.

We are a global group of English speaking players. We hit 10* titans, and are working up to 11*. We take war serioiusly. We are looking for one qualified candidate to help us achieve our goals, and help push us into the top 100.

Come grow and learn with us as we climb our way furher.

Qualified candidates are:

  • Level 40+
  • 6 full teams for war (baseline 4* heroes or above on average)
  • Cooperate with our established war strategy (feedback always welcome) - unified tank color & “weak enemy spawn” strategy currently employed.
  • Hit our 10* titans a minimum of 5 times a day, or a minimum of 50k damage.

Please search “Great Minds” ingame and apply!

Discord also preferred. LUGDOR#8758 or ask for invite ingame.


This alliance took from me from an average player to reaching the top 2000. Lots of information, helpful members that are willing to discuss ideas and have productive discussion. You get more out of your gameplay with a helpful alliance. Help you help us help you! Join us!

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We currently have a couple openings! Apply inside today!

Currently we sit at 28/30 members and are just outside the top 500. Still hitting 10* titans! Fill us up and help us to glory!

Also, if you do not meet our minimum activity or cup requirements, please seek out our training alliance, “Mind Games”! We are happy to help there as well!

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