Fantastic Allies

We are a fairly new alliance that just did our first house cleaning. Found we only had 24 fully active players, so we have room for 6 more. We are taking 7* Titans easily and have taken 8’s. We have won 4/5 of our last wars. We reset our opponents at least once per war. We need players that will hit every Titan and use all of their war flags, even if it’s with a couple of 1 and 2* teams. Minimum cup requirement is 1200. Come join us, or if you have questions, my LineID is domarnett.

We are also the doorway to Fantastic Alliance, which is a top 100 alliance. Full of fun and friendly people, this could be your new home.

We changed to invite only, 1 spot left. Reply here or find me on Line, and request an invitation.

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