Mountain Boomers - top 500 alliance **OPEN SPOT**

Hello everyone.

We are the Mountain Boomers, an alliance usually ranked 300-500, a couple months ago we weren’t even in top 1000. We believe progress is one of the main things to keep this game interesting and so we require all our members to progress continuously.

We kill all 9*, are starting to be able to kill 2-3 10* in a row, and just recently faced our first 11*!

We are really chatty, but it is not required if you’re not the chatty type.

Requirements are to hit titan at least 4 times a day, follow war strategy and use all flags. We’re looking for a VERY ACTIVE member with 3.6k+ team that is ready to roll.

My line id is jzinser89, hit me up if you want to know more… or just apply in game.

Thanks for reading!

Spot still open! Come check us out…

We are US based but with members all over

Still open! Come join our family

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