Glenda or Misandra?

Who should I max and switch up in my team? My blue mono right now is Miki 80, Magni 80, C Insarnia 80/19 emblems, Richard 70, Raff 70.

Between Glenda 70 and Misandra 70 of course.

Personally — I’d lean towards Misandra, but give Magni first crack at the emblems …

Glenda is likely the more balanced choice for your team — blue cleanse / damage buff will help with options if you want to go w/o a healer… one potential issue is wizard emblems are going to be in short supply with Izzy in the mix.

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I got Misandra from the last Atlantis and it was nice that I got another 5* striker outside of KA and Alice. However, I find without emblems, her hits are weak. Of course I got Glenda afterwards otherwise I would have dumped all the heroes I stockpiled into her instead.

Glenda. That 40% buff to special skills? Cleanser? High tile damage? Misandra can hit more than one and gain mana but all rng related. Just don’t play her with miki, I think the buff over writes.

Miki and Glenda does not overwrite and does not stack.
Glenda: only applied special skill direct damage.
Miki: only applied tiles damage.
Both have completly different attack boost.

+1 for Glenda, cleanser, attack boost, hit-3.


Thanks. Couldn’t remember as I don’t have him.

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Misandra can be good based on your troop situation. She will charge an average hero with 9 tiles if they have level 5 mana troops, costume bonus with level 1 mana troops or costume bonus with mana node talent. I have Athena with mana troops and Kiril with costume bonus + mana node and she will power both up when she fires with 9 tiles.

She is also good for fast mana wars, you only need level 11 troops for her to charge in 6 tiles and she will cause the rest of your team to charge regardless of troops with only 6 tiles when she fires.

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