Ghosts of Titans Passed is looking for more awesome heroes to join in their quest to kill titans

Hey everybody! Looking for fun times and total team cooperation in taking down titans? Open alliance with a cup requirement of 800. …if you are an awesome person just message me and we can lower the cup requirement to let you in if needed. We are a chatty alliance and will expect this of you too, English only…unless you want to teach us another language, we are willing to learn. So if you’re a hero of the awesome caliber come join “Ghosts of Titans Passed” and help us put more titans down. Currently at 5* titan level.


Love the post. Already in a great Alliance though and even so you piqued my interest. Just to be clear though: I have no plans on leaving my current alliance. I do wish you well and if this post is any indication, you’ll be successful.


Thank you. Glad to hear you are in a great alliance. We have all been in a few different ones and felt like this was the only way we could get out of an alliance what we wanted.

Well, if it does not work out for you, check out Heathens of Sparta or it’s training Alliance Heathens Agoge. It is a very interactive group of people and I’ve not seen an alliance like it. I bounced around for a while too until I happened across one of their members recruiting. Heathens of Sparta is a top 50 Alliance right now, but the Heathens agoge is suited to less powerful players who are trying to develop their teams and learn the game. We have fun in both of the groups though. Sparta is currently facing 9 and 10 star titans, but Agoge is only fighting 6 and 7 stars.

Otto you ain’t going nowhere

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Exactly Pops. Miss ya man. Hope things are going well.

Come give us a shot. We would love to see some new faces.

Yes come and join Ghosts of Titians PASSed we are active players wanting to help those new to the game and have fun and smack some titans :grin:

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We are a fun helpful group. Still looking for new members. Come check us out.

We have been lucky to welcome some new members and would love to welcome more.

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