Recruits wanted

Hey there. We are a small (9/30) yet rapidly expanding alliance with a core group of super active members. We love helping our family learn the ropes and would gladly impart upon you any and all knowledge we have. We’re looking forward to big things including taking on stronger titans and winning more wars, and you can be a piece of that process!

We promote users based on activity level, so with time comes trust and prestige. Please leave any comments or questions you have and I’ll try my best to answer. I do hope you’ll join StoicSpartans.


Just a FYI but forum rules state no duplicate recruiting threads. Your alliance has one open & active as of yesterday:

Also something that may be worth considering is potentially merging with a larger established alliance.

I am a recruiter/ leader in the We Are Groot family of alliances. Our Volume 3 has space enough to house you and all your members :slight_smile: Volume 3 hits 9-10* titans with 21 members so at full capacity they tend to chain 10* & kill the odd 11* titan.

If you’re interested reach out to me on Line at Guvnor81 or @ me here and we can discuss stuff like Leadership integration, merger and the like :slight_smile:

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That’s a seriously good offer. It’s extremely hard to build a great alliance. If we only had 9-10 players I’m sure we would jump on this.

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I’m just trying to figure all this out. I just became the leader last night. I’m not aware of any already open threads. Sorry for my ignorance.

All good mate :slight_smile:

One of the moderators created a thread for you, moving the comment you made on someone else’s thread last night. Another moderator has closed that thread & made this the open one :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’re interested in the merger etc… I’ve been where you’re at & know how hard it is to build an alliance up… Recruiting is easily the worst part of running an alliance :stuck_out_tongue:

Especially when you have no idea what you’re doing. Thanks for the offer and I’ll talk with my alliance about it.

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Congratulations on your promotion. There are also other places to recruit, such as on Line or Discord, I’ll tag @Rook who knows everyone and could help you too.

You’ve already had an offer of a merger, so you’re off to a great start. @Guvnor is really knowledgeable, so your team mates would really benefit there too.

GL in your decision making.

How do I see that alliance in the game?

Do you have Line App? If you do hit me up there at Guvnor81, bit easier to chat there than on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Line is a free 3rd party anonymous messaging application.

It’s available on both iOS, Android and Mac/Windows. Search it on your preferred platform. Its symbol is a green speech bubble with white writing on it.

I’m also available on Line if you have any questions about recruiting groups.

My Line ID is chibipotato16 :grin:


Please explain what happens when two alliances merge?

So I’ll preface with “its not a feature of the game but is player driven”

Essentially what happens is:

  1. Two alliances commence discussions. These discussions include things like which
    • Which Alliance will retain the name? (i.e. which alliance will cease to exist & which one will carry on with the collective players)
    • How leadership will be shared?
    • Timeline
    • Expectations from both alliances
    • Opportunities & benefits to both alliances
  2. Once agreed upon, the two parties determine a “Date” for the merge
  3. Players from one alliance migrate (leave) their old alliance and join the other
  4. All agreements are put in place including promotions, leadership etc…
  5. The two alliances have now merged into one alliance.

So here is what I’m thinking. I would rather have my members come to your alliance without dissolving the current alliance since the original owner is having personal Robles and can not manage it properly. This way he gets to keep his alliance, my members join an alliance that’s killing titans, winning wars and getting better rewards. I would like to discuss the status given to my members once they join your alliance. They are strong, valuable and consistent members. Would we be able to discuss this?

For sure.

Typically We Are Groot has a 30 day cool-down period for promotion from member to Elder. We would probably keep this rule in place, maybe reduce the time to 2 weeks (~15 days).

I am confident that we can integrate your existing Leaders/Co Leaders into our leadership structure.

There is one request that I would make. If your players can consider getting the Line App. Our family uses it to communicate outside the game chat. It also allows you to share photos, rosters, videos etc… and ask for help/ suggestions. We also use it to integrate all the various Volumes so that information & advice can be freely shared between the super senior members in Volume 1 with the new and less experienced members.

As I said, the application is 100% free & 100% annonymous. It runs off either Wifi OR Cell data. Nobody will know who you are if you don’t want. Any personal information stays private (I think it asks for a mobile number to authenticate). It’s purely governed by the screen name you enter (just like EnP itself :slight_smile:)

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To help you find Line on the App Store, looks like this:

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He’s there. We’re chatting now thanks @Rook

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