Gefjon or Marjana CB?

Who is a better sniper for chasing?
Marjana can be caught with 2x chance (0.6% for Featured Costume and 0.3% for featured Valhalla hero).
But Gefjon has a much better synergy with JF and GM (no innate burn).
So, tough question. Honestly I prefer Marj-CB, but who knows.

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Gefjon does more damage.
C Marj better in titans especially if you don’t have G Falcon - even if you do, you no longer have to bring him along.
In raids that elemental down could be huge, but depending on the enemy you face the minion steal could also change the course of the battle. Stealing a replicator minion or a Bera or Freya minion at a critical junction would be a big play, and I think makes her just that little bit more fun to play
Overall I’d probably say C Marjana has a bit more impact, Gefjon is almost as effective but more fun to play

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I mean not C.Marjana, but Marjana-CB - regular Marjana with Costume Bonus.
C.Marjana is another story and needed in both cases.

Ah if that is the comparison then Gefjon with a clear margin.

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The best feature of Marjanna is her special dodge. But because her snipe is not quite deadly that just means I leave her until the end to kill off.
The CB will make her more impactful, but I think not by that much.
CBs for average heroes have much more impact.

Note I don’t have Marjanna so can’t comment too much in relation to her in offense, other than if her special is not something to fear with the 20% defense bonus then it is probably underwhelming in offense

Gefjon does more damage, but Marjana is way sturdier.

Do not agree. My Sartana with CB and without emblems (conflict with JF) at wing now works decent, but Clarissa without emblems (another conflict) on wing just not works.

747 D vs 766 D
1544H vs 1258 H

So yes Marj is 9% tougher, until Gef steals her first minion(s) ( assuming that is how you intend to use her)

Gef has 15% higher attack.

If you emblem both, you can make Gef as sturdy as Marj but still with a higher attack for the same emblems put on both.

Special is:
Attack is 669*4.58 = 3064 vs
772 * 5 = 3860 which makes her special 26% stronger outright - not sure how you want to factor in the DOT given it has synergy conflicts and is dispellable/reversible.

Gefon’s minion steal is cool just on it’s own.
Marj still has the better class.

I still choose Gefjon

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you mentioned to chase means money is not the problem…why dont chase both are great heroes …i would prefer to get c.marjana as i think she is the vela pre nerf with red jacket…

It is not. It means than I will use crystals only on this summon, either Valhalla or costumes. It will be around x40. (I stored crystals for 3 months as c2p, just spend some on my lucky x10 costume pull).

C.Marjana is needed anyways. Question about - is Marjana+CB can substitute Gefjon as a sniper?

In my honest opinion, I would personally focus of Gefjon before Marjana + CB.
But equally I would want both in my roster on max
Whichever hero you choose good luck

c marjana is very highly viable for offense and defence for any fight (raid, war, titan etc) with this stat…i think she will act as damage dealer(best flank position) and if you get gefjon as sniper thats the end of the game…

Is 2 marjanas (one C, one only CB) roughly equal Gefjon+MarjanaC?
If so, I will summon only Marjana (Gefjon only for coins).

i can only suggest if you just limit to get either one of those , c marjana would be better as she will be widely used for any fights…

Then 40 summons will be on costumes and around 6 on Valhalla)

I have neither unfortunately, but been saving up for Gefjon. I prefer her over vanilla Marj. cause we are in a minion heavy meta and with the steal at fast mana, I know I’ll be putting it to good use. Besides, I’m hoping that HA10 will eventually pop Marj. out.

Marj.'s costume would be nice, but I’m not betting on getting it anyway.

This is question. Who is more impactful. I am leading towards C.Marjana. Has one, and wonder if 2 Marjanas is worth abandoning Gefjon.

Why Marjana +CB? C.Marjana would have overall better synergy with a red team and would make all red heroes better.

Because it is actually a comparison of snipers, and C.Marjana is a different beast.
But if C.Marjana+MarjanaCB can kill people consistently, I have no need for Gefjon.

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