C.Marj or JF as Krampus flank

In war defence, I need to choose red flank.
Just got C.Marj. Wonder if she better or equal to JF as flank. If so - then I will replace JF with her.

C. Marjana on defense doesnt make much sense as you cant make use of the elemental debuff. Its either regular Marjana with C bonus or JF. The only thing JF has going for him is his defense against defense debuffs, including elemental, so he can make Krampus even tankier, but Marjana with C bonus emblemed towards attack will have a really nice dmg output so she will be a more offensive flank. I say Marjana because i have Malosi and he can shut down Krampus and JF too, so their special doesnt do much, direct damage is way harder to avoid.


Just use normal Marjana

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I am more about (+94% vs blue) or (-34% Attack vs blue) to block blue.
Is it good profit from JF?

Agree. And will be buffed by Krampus buff.

Most people will stack green against a Krampus tank and go blue stack on an easier tank, so you wont get much out of that extra defense against blue.

Played against a c marjana +18 today. She can hit you direct for 800 on middle and 400~ damage on the other 2 hero without any buffs or debuffs. She is not game changing but with Krampy’s buff she could still be good. The red def down can be of little benefit unless Marj fires again or she slash hits those hero. My suggestion is to try out both options for a week and see who holds better. C Marj is best suited for titans or offence when stacking against green tanks

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