Marjana or Mitsuko at flank?

Other defenders are Mother North, Richard, Poseidon, Kage.

Some additional considerations:

  • Kage in same family as Mitsuko
  • I won’t pull emblems from Jackal, but Mitsuko can have all my sorcerer emblems, so Marj will always be a few nodes behind.

Mitsuko is better as a flank in my experience, and Marjana is a better wing. I’d go with Mitsuko flank also due to the fact that you can put more emblems on her.


As @DaveCozy said. Besides, any rogue is designed to be wing. I should probably make a ready-text to copy/paste it in here, so many times I said this :rofl: A wing is taken out mostly with specials, not tiles. And try to take out a heavily emblemed rogue on wing with the specials. See how many specials you waste on such rogue. I actually lost once, because I couldn’t hit Alice with my last sniper, two times in a row. She hit me once and game over. How annoying is this, when the victory is literally stolen from you? That’s why rogues are the best wings in the game.


Agree mostly. I wouldn’t say that about Khiona, as I think flank suits her better.

But depending on opinions, she’s also considered a bad hero for defense by some :man_shrugging: others think she’s underrated and great for defense. Personally I think a hero that can make slash attacks hit for 400 damage each, can be pretty valuable on defense.


I meant any rogue sniper, my bad. Who would set a splash hero and average wing anyway? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Khiona, Domitia and Inari are exceptions.


Makes sense, thanks.

I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from using Marj at wing and putting Kage/Poseidon flanking Richard, but I was already leaning towards flanking with Mitsuko. I just heard some negativity around her defense so I wasn’t sure whether it was wise.

Hi @solipsism, below is a post from @D_DI that you might find useful (or you might already have it LOL):

It shows where Marjana is best at wing and Mitsuko is great at the flank position.

I don’t have Mitsuko but I use Marjana at right wing and she has been very useful.


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