Future of titan teams - new comp

When i had Wilbur on Atlantis pulls i couldn’t find his place on a titan team but then Khiona showed up and changed it all. This is a super combo and if you add Tarlak for 3% attack family bonus.
And Wilbur + Khiona will keep your 4* alive on 10* and higher titans.

I put up a list with my available heroes and in most teams it gets simplified and able to go with 3x strong color. I’ll leave Tarlak out though since the limit is 160% which is quick reached with Khiona;s special. Bring a few mana potions, pop Wilbur and Khiona specials, add a bomb attack, all heroes have increased damage and some heal from Khiona for 3 rounds (+4 rounds of healing if you get Tarlak).
Most of the heroes used before might become obsolete but at least the teams get simplified and less heroes to focus on ascending.


Some extra math on this here: Best blue team titan - too many options / Heroes breakdown and combos