Best team for events...and titans

Hi guys! I’ve been playing for about 4 months and finally I got the ascension mats for a blue 5*(and a 5* yellow), but I’m not sure if isarnia would have good synergy with my possible go to teams.Screenshot_20190126-190025_Empires These are my current options. The first row worked pretty good on Pirates of Cornelia on both, the epic and legendary, but I’d like un upgrade and if possible a more versatile roster of strong heroes for titans too.
Thanks in advance for taking the time for reading my post.
By the way, I’m more like a tile damage guy if that helps.

Boldtusk, Khiona, Kiril and Tarlak are your next steps for attack buffers.
Bring Wu Kong with Khiona while against yellow titans and Tarlak with the others.

Wilbur should be your go-damege debuffer. Seriously, he is the best.
You should also develop G. Falcon for your green titans but after have bringed Wilbur to 4.70

Grimm, Gormek. Tiburtus and Isarnia could be good when your team could still die after some single target’s hits delivered from a titans to unmaxed heroes…

special combinations:

Wilbur and Khiona are really good together. Put two strong elements as Khiona’s flankers and use Wilbur’s special to make him proc their increased attack score…
and then use Wu Kong to reach the maximum damage output :slight_smile:

For events you should have many heroes of the same color and use them to achieve the best result with the fewer moves and complete every stage with:

  • the highest possible “medium combinations n°”
  • the highest possible health % value
  • the lower time spent
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Thanks for taking the time to help a fellow player, very much appreciated.

I still don’t know who to ascend first: Isarnia or Kiril since the rest of my choices kinda depend on them.
I was thinking of these teams for events because I think they’re better for mats than titans.
1- Wilbur-Kiril-(Tarlak-Wu)and Proteus and Onatel for bosses.
2-BT-Wu Kong-Isarnia-and Proteous and other green, maybe Peters for Bosses.
3-BT-Tarlak-Isarnia-and Proteous and Onatel

What do you think?

If you want to compete in events you want to build a strong mono color team. Red seems to be best, in epic category it wins every time. I’ve built a mono red team of boldtusk, Wilbur, falcon, Scarlett and Colen which is the type of team you’ll see all across the top 100 with slight variations. Some people use Lancelot or Gormek or multiple Scarlett’s etc

Wow, that’s a kickazz team! Well, I have those heroes but hidden blades are so hard to get. Maybe that’s why, still having those heroes is a good step. Thanks😀

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