Best blue team titan - too many options / Heroes breakdown and combos

I was curious about some ideal team with the current heroes. Blue is so tricky with so many options, not to mention Wilbur + Khiona combo as i have said here. And soon Aegir to go instead of Wilbur + debuffer. Now that Wu got nerged multiple times to force players to go for Tarlak instead…
This would be helpful in order to prioritize:

  1. x10 pulls for events
  2. maxing specific heroes and saving ascension mats

Khiona adding + dmg every turn to nearby enemies goes in conflict with Tarlak’s stacking, limiting it to 160% but that stacking after Wilbur/Aegir special is OP.

Considering that:
Aegir: nearby allies share received dmg x 4 turn, nearby allies heal 50% of the damage dealt, link element: 4% hp x 6 turns
Wilbur: all allies share dmg x 4 turns, all enemies share received dmg x 4 turns, all allies get 63% def x4 turns, all enemies get -44% def x 4 turns
Khiona: 372% to the target, nearby allies +45% att (and 20% each time they are hit x 3)
Tarlak: all allies get +100% normal attack x 4 turns (max 160%), all allies regenerate 324 hp x 4 turns

Alasie: 462% dmg, -24% mana generation x 3 turns, element link: +5% att and 5% def
Athena: 305% dmg, -41% def and -4% x 4 turns
King Arthur: 488% dmg and -39% att, -54%def agains ice x 4 turns

Missandra might be an intermediate option with that mana gain and multiple attacks but i;m still waiting for the hero grading from 7dd.
Magni, Grimm, Triton, Kiril as fillers until the options above.

Keep in mind the mana potions and tornado hourglass combo for max dmg.

Willbur all allies +63% def, enemy - 44 def (better Kiril but without att boost) and shared dmg to stack Khiona’s special
Aegir nearby allies share dmg (again Khiona’s stacks), needs the 2 strongest as flanks for 50% hp for dmg dealt to maximize healing and 24% hp over 6 turns for blue allies

Athena -41% def and another 16% over 4 turns
King Arthur -39% att, -54 def agains ice
Alasie for 5% att and 5% def in the link element

Wilbur and Athena might not stack which means Athena would go better with Aegir. That would replace Wilbur with the shared dmg (Khiona can be kept in this case so it’s fine)
Arthur is the color debuffer so he’s good in both teams so far.

I’m too tired to go more with math on this but you get the idea. What I’m not sure yet is Khiona or Tarlak to go first on the special since Tarlak affects basic (tile) dmg and not the specials.

But bring some mana potions and trigger all specials, a tornado to refill skills at 60% and an hourglass if Wilbur’s special goes out.

  • ATK increase
    • Tarlak
      • 100% ATK
    • Alaise
      • 5% Ice ATK
    • Dragon Banner
      • 30% ATK

Missing ATK to cap: 30% Green (1), Red (1), 25% Blue (3)

Missing ATK to cap: 30% Green (1), 25% Blue (4)

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good stuff
i only worked on khiona team comps since her combo with wilbur is op. same with aegir but then they need flanks in order to work
and since aegir would work well only as tank… khiona seems more fit overall for titan teams compared to aegir team comp

i need to consider ascension mats too, it would take too long to have so many blues in a short time, beside khiona being more versatile

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