Best picks for Titan teams

If you want a specific recommendation, please post screenshots of your roster. I could lay out ideal teams for each colors, but that’s not helpful because you probably don’t have half the heroes.


if you would pay attention you would see a link and check the teams
as for the heroes, you would loose a bet because i have all 4* and a few of 5% already :slight_smile:

Sorry, I was on mobile and it’s very challenging to look at a team pic in one program and type a reply in another.

Are you looking to compose a titan team for hitting this week, or as a target for development?

Looking just at what you will want to use of the heroes you have, but once they are developed, then facing the following color titans here’s what I’d use:

  • Yellow: Wu, Tibertus, Boldtusk, Obakan, Gafar
  • Purple: Wu, Grimm, Boldtusk, Jackal, Justice
  • Blue: Wu, Tibertus, Kiril, Lianna, Gregorion
  • Green: Wu, Gormek, Boldtusk, Falcon, Azlar
  • Red: Wu, Grimm, Kiril, Alasie, Sonya

Isarnia can replace Grimm on any team once she’s into fourth ascension. Scarlett can sub in for Azlar until Azlar is in fourth ascension.



Gaffar is recent in my roaster and haven;t the opportunity to use it but he;s ascended more than rigard/ sabina. it would be ideal to get g panther on future events and sartana on lucky pull or tc 20. until then… at least i have enough purple and decent troups

i have used Justice until recently but gretel is having more damage already and it;s cheaper to ascend her to 4th. and it;s slow mana vs average also. and saving 4th for joon, justice might go to 3rd

i would stick to full ascended caedmon instead of kiril. i got used to 3 strong colors. i have enough mats for gergorion 3rd and caedmon 4th

i would have to get gormek ascended before using it and hopefully i’ll get anither red (mostly hotm) to replace scarlett/ azlar

blue has the most issues which to use and if i should go to 4+1 since i was planning for now a 3+1+1
and sonya would be a safe bet when rare titans show up with that buff removal

both isarnia and azlar will take some time, i have so many leveling up. but replacing grimm on the available teams sounds good

so until i get events/ hotm… looks good so far

Also Panther can go vs yellow

yeah, that;s on my list next to sartana

I used your list and i Think it’s great. But i don’t understand the latest change against purple titans. Why Rigard is now into the team? I have the feeling blue team was more efficient. Also maybe Gretel I miss here. Thanks

"These are my options with the available heroes and HotM "

it’s how i started my list
the changes are because i got better heroes and replaced a few. buffer and debuffers remain the same most of the time unless the new hero has a powerful special

now… rigard is added in case i go 4x yellow with a second jackal or both drake and joon if i get joon. the explanation i received that made me make this change was that

  1. jackal is squishy and needs
  2. rigard for heal and no need for green potion, which means a free spot in consumables
  3. and being a purple Rigard would take less damage and survive more (still a 4* so i don;t see it in a long run) and wanted to test this comp
  4. 2 colors means less miss from Wu special to be sore if the stun of the missing colors

yes, i agree. Grimm is more efficient and you confirmed it so it was not just my opinion
it seems that this new way is not that viable although the arguments used for it were pretty valid. but testing show to me that 3 colors are better. even if i miss a stun from now and then

this is the reason of the right side with Wilbur + Khiona combo Future of titan teams - new comp

Thanks for your answer and also for your season 2 list. I was very unlucky with my season 2 pull. Hope the Next One will be better :slight_smile:
Please keep it One. I like your overview

i am updating it with every change in my heroes or in the game, no worries
i just wanted to have something helpful for me and for others beyond the buffer/ debuffer, hitter, etc

i need specifics and color types not bla bla bla :))

Came across this topic looking for good combos against different color titans. With all the new heroes over the last 7 months anyone have any updated hero lists?

I realized my team against Holy Titans was a bit weak so I was looking at stats a little closer and realized that Cheshire Cat has a huge stat against holy enemies with -44% defense.

Are Wu-Kong + Wilbur combos still super effective? I’ve only used Wilbur against nature titans choosing instead to quadruple stack the strong color with Wu-Kong. Now I’m wondering if I could do better with a triple stack and including Wu and Wilbur.

Any updated thoughts?

Wilbur has two advantages against titans. He has a huge defense debuff, so if you don’t have a pulverizer in the strong color, he’s helpful. Plus the spirit link can help keep your more squishy heroes alive

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My best titan hit came from Frida 2 Aliase Wilbur Miki 3/70 hit was 199,360 on a 12* titan so for now that’s my best titan team

Is anyone still around on this thread that can help with titan team building? If so, i would love some feedback!

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Hi @MarthaStewartReally

Feel free to use my Visuals here : Fighting Titans - Memento by Nynaeve

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Thanks :slight_smile: based on your visuals, it’s going to be a long time before i will be able to piece anything together with what I’ve got available

You have a few

Grimm and tibertus DD
Kiril attack up
Brienne and c-Kailani attack up (also Grevle attack up)
Nordri for EDD

It would be great if you could get Tarlak / c-Wilbur or Shar’Khai! And Franz! And Falcon and Jackal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hope you get some of them (or all :innocent:)

Try to stack 5 heroes of the same colour against Titans to increase your tile damage (so all blue against red titans etc.) and make sure the specials don’t override each other!

Attack up - DD - EDD (Nordri is your only EDD hero) - high tile damage hero!

The Titan heroes will come your way - it just takes time!

Happy gaming


Thank you for taking the time to explain and help - it’s truly appreciated!

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You’re more than welcome @MarthaStewartReally

I don’t know which alliance you are in but there are some great ‘training’ alliances! If you consider joining one, I’d highly recommend EPU! @Shunt is a great leader! I’m missing the gang there :green_heart:

Happy gaming :innocent:

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