Frigg or SC to ascend

Have pretty well developed roster, Raid Def team is top priority. Currently at 4.6 TP, Lianna, Onetel, Ariel, Clarissa and Azlar all emblemned to 19/20.

Also have Krampus at 3.70 needing couple more scopes with Kuchen nxt gheal option.

Frig to flanking Crampus.

If the question is Frigg vs Santa Claus with defense being the priority, I would say Frigg hands down. She is the much more difficult to deal with on defense than Santa.

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Frigg and Krampus should be flanks for a red tank to have as many green tiles as possible on the board when Frigg will go off.

Krampus will most likely be attacked by green tiles which would weaken Friggs attack.

Frigg - Absolutely. Just look at all the forum threads about how people think she is OP. Threads about nerfing her. Threads about how difficult it is to beat her at flank and at tank. So I think you should ascend Frigg!!!

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