5 star Green Frigg or MN

I’ve gotten very lucky with last Valhalla summons and now Xmas event. My 5 star bench goes 4 deep except for red with only 3 maxxed heroes.

My 5 star ghealers are Kuchen, Ariel both with emblems and Viv at 3.70 needing darts plus all the usual 4star healers all with full emblems.

I’ve just started on Frigg 2.34 and wonder if I should switch to MN instead already have 6 tonics but need a tome still.

Thx for the advice

FWIW, Frigg is really great and can be a menace. MN is a must-kill every time, no matter what. Ariel is your best healer from the looks of it. If you don’t have a hero who revives the dead, MN is your choice. Never look back.

My thoughts is you have solid healers. Frigg is an all around amazing hero. A pain on defense, great for titans and a green stack dream with almur or Evelyn. I’d do Frigg for sure, she’s useful everywhere.

I think Frigg is the game’s new best green. I vote for that one

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No other reviver? MN hands down. Easy choice…and she’s the best reviver too.

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Frigg is the best green in the game right now.
As for the best reviver i dunno…MN sure has the best chance to revive but alby mana buff makes up for it

P.s. MN is tanky also without ascension.
I’d do frigg first and Mn after…u still can use her 3/70 for the time being


MN is my 1st revive hero also, looks like a tough choice with votes for both.