Frenzied's FTP roster (advice would be appreciated)

Hi everyone!

In anticipation of Soul Exchange, I would like to solicit the advice of the friendly forum-people and get some tips on what type of heroes I should be aiming for ideally (I get that we don’t know what the SE will offer!)

My weakest colours are quite obviously blue, green and yellow (green arguably the worst)

I have plenty of emblems - particularly Sorcerer (1,152), Ranger (512), Monk (617), Druid (608), Barbarian (470). The other classes all have 250-300 except Paladin - I have 172 in Paladin. Also have plenty of resets.

At the Soul Exchange, I would ideally like to grab a yellow or blue 5* healer, or a solid support character of some sort in the emblem classes or “weak colours” identified above.

Would be grateful for any tips or tricks, including general advice :wink:

Thank you

My current project is Guardian Jackal, who I finally nabbed.

Tagging some usual faces for starters (but happy to hear from anyone :slight_smile: )

@Sarah2 @Ian487 @Shohoku79 @arrow_slinger @PlayForFun @Noble_Weasel @sleepyhead @JGE @Gwniver

PS. I have costumed Gefjon but heroplan doesn’t let me add it.

PS2. I have plenty of mats for about 2 more 5* of each colour, no LB materials


Kudos to you for being so organised. :trophy:
There’s usually lots of speculation as to which heros will be on offer … I’d wait to see which heros are available.


Congratulations on your recently acquired jackel. Totally agree with @Sarah2 about waiting for the SE to get a little closer and the guessing becomes more realistic, that said I have noticed each tier has included at least 1 healer…best of luck !
May the portals show you kindness


Congrats on your Guardian Jackal, @FrenziedEye ! Thanks for tagging me. Although I would agree and see what the available hero pool is for this round of Soul Exchange.

Same here on 5* mats, I have 15-16 of all except tomes and D-blades, I have 10 each. But not many LB materials left over. So yeah, I personally don’t have enough 5* dupes for this round of Soul Exchange. But if I recall, in the past versions (correct me if I’m wrong, please), I think you can only do 1 trade per Soul Exchange. So give it some good thought as you are doing. Good luck choosing!

Thanks for posting your roster…I use as well but I haven’t updated it in ages.

PS. I am working on a few 5* from TC20, so I don’t know the full potential of them yet. Have about 6 dupe 5* (unleveled) so maybe I can do Soul Exchange someday.

PPS. Costume Gefjon I’m sure is awesome in the battles!


Thanks for the tag @FrenziedEye , and I echo what @Sarah2 said - wait and see :stuck_out_tongue: there are just too many possibilities out there to say yet.


Good advice all, I am probably too impatient LOL

I will wait for this fated date below and then come back and harrass everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime happy to entertain any wild or fantastical suggestions :slight_smile:


Good decision. This game is in a bit of flux. Some unexpected became reality. Patience is key currently.


On a separate note, do you think I should max Jackal in anticipation of the Yellow Contest of Elements? Lol

Or do you think what I have there is enough to pass all stages… xD


Jackal’s elemental def down is still awesome! That’s one vote to level him.


I know others have advised you to wait to see what’s on offer, and that’s good advice, but also be prepared to pass. FTP don’t get this chance too often, so it has to count. I would look for someone who brings something super rare. Any damage dealer will be outclassed sooner or later. Get a secondary or support skill that is unique. My one and only exchange was for JF, who isn’t a world beater hero - although he’s much better after his recent buff. But he’s the only hero in the whole game that flips def down to def up. He also filled a need for a faster red hero, and at 15 dupes, he was a good value, imo.

Next, I’m gunning for G. Panther. I believe there are only two purple EDD heroes in the game - Sergei and Panther. Now that Panther has a costume, I’m hoping base form will come in at 15 dupes also.

There will be some great heroes on offer, no doubt, but get somebody with a long shelf life. There are more ways to get new heroes than ever, but only a couple where you can pick who you want.


Excellent analysis @Noble_Weasel, I will keep the pass firmly in mind!

Ideally I’d like a hero who gives me boosted health…or resurrect if I’m being greedy xD

Would that be considered unique enough?


Completely agree with @Noble_Weasel I did a 20 exchange the second last time round to take Lepiota.

I won’t do another until next summer probably.

Buyers remorse will be a real thing in this I think, taking one hero and seeing something better 2changes down the line is a big problem so best to make sure whoever you pick is someone you’ll continue to use.

I think rare skills and not defence based for meta heroes are the way to go personally.


Resurrect for sure. More overhealers are coming all the time, so that might not be enough by itself, but that’s your call.


Most important thing in this game seem to be emblems and limit break materials. Any 4* who is unemblemed or non-lb will be of very little use, while any 4* who is maxed both on LB and emblems will be on equal foot with many 5*, or even better (depending on the special ability of course). So I suggest you focus on getting all the free emblems and particularly 3* limit break stones (those are the most imporant ones for a f2p). Alchemy lab, mystic vision, tournaments top 50% and above, mythic titan, towers, trials, and winning war loots should be your goals.

As for heroes, I suggest you utilize Heroes Academy levels 5 and 8. Level 5 will give you Shrubbear and Pixie. Level 8 will give you Hanzel and Captain of Diamonds.

As for embleming key heroes, i suggest Wilbur.


Good tips, thanks @Saros. I have shrubby but could use Hansel and Captain of Diamonds :wink:

Totally agree that unemblemed heroes are pretty much useless in today’s meta, so best to pick those that have unique skills and emblem them up. But even the emblemed “old school” 4* will still struggle to survive vs the crazy emblemed 5* of today (eg. Gretel is great but she dies far too easily)

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Yes well it’s also important where and how you use the old-school 4*. For example. Gretel is useful only in Rush war and/or Rush tournaments - her special ability is otherwise too weak.


If there is one thing in this game I want to advice carefully thinking through before using, it’s Soul Exchange. The amount of time it will take to gather the needed five star heroes are months and months, if not a year, depending on which tier hero you’re after.

I’d say wait and see who is featured :blush: But if your heart says yes, then, ofcourse, do it! But if not- if you’re doubting, then wait. I’m so glad I have waited for a top tier hero still.

I have gone through all the five star heroes of each element. And then I’ve written my top five down, five of each element. Call it a wish list. Or a dream list! :thought_balloon:

If one of those on my list is featured. Then I’ll start to think if I want to proceed.

That list is by no means a ‘min max’ list, mind you. It’s a list of heroes that, if I were to scroll through my collection and see them in it, I would smile.

Each to their own, though. Do what you feel brings you joy :four_leaf_clover: :slightly_smiling_face:


I looked at your roster a little better, @FrenziedEye . Specifically, I was looking for C-Kashhrek but it doesn’t appear that you have him yet… I like his overheating powers. If we could trade between players, I would give you a duplicate copy that I pulled during Masquerade.

But back to reality. I know there are lots of overhealers in the 5* world. The game is changing so much, I agree with the above and go for a niche hero, that you like, that will hopefully have staying power. If you decide to do a trade.

About Jackal and the Contest of Elements that just came out…you can only use each hero 2 times unless they are the new super elemental heroes (whatever they’re called). So it’s kind of like Tavern of Legends in a way. Stage 1 said 3000 TP, however it has 5 waves of mobs and bosses… all gain mana. To me, kind of tricky. I died the first time with a few 2* and low 3* (Sha Ji, Hou, Nash, Gan Ju, Kailani) so my TP was only 2058. Next time with Sha Ji, Kailani, Melia, Gan Ju, and someone I’m forgetting, I won it. TP approximately 2500 that time. And the only reason I kept those my maxed 2* is for passing the first 2-3 stages of Tavern of Legends, which works for me. Have not opened Stage 2 of the quest yet, but it seemed hard. (Oh I remember now that last hero, was Poppy and her Ricochet Bolt.)

EDD is always good though, so I would level Jackal if you can swing it. Best of luck!

Quick question…does anyone know when they announce what heroes are in this Soul Exchange??? Otherwise I will keep tabs on News & Updates category.

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SmellySocks of my alliance wanted to add this in:

"On a separate note… I’ve attached a screen shot of a comment from the forum… I’m not a member so I can’t reply… But sergei and guardian panther aren’t the only purple elemental defence down heroes. There is also costume ursena and the upcoming second costume domitia. Could you do the honours please and inform them accordingly.


Socks "


This is exactly what i want to do but with 1-50 Vivica and Joon, do you think i can get away with it using tornados, bombs and axes? Lol

So Sha ji, Kailani, Nash, Vivica (1-50), Joon (1-50)

And good tip re C Kashhrek…I needa pull him. Wish I could trade with you too! Lol

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