🏰 Franz – 4* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

Nice! Was able to pull him also but already broker Almur and Marcel. Gonna have to wait till next green Omega Quest till I can break him :pensive:

I am beating everything in this world with this team.

No matter the opponent in raids, also just finished last level in masquerade as if it was nothing. Unless a completely terrible board happens, it feels like c h e a t i n g.

And Ludwig with Franz not even maxed yet.


Xnol + Ludwig + high level troops pretty much is as close as you can get to ch eating in this game. Basically a 9 tile win.

I don’t have Ludwig but this is why I love seeing Ludwig in defenses. I line up my Lord Loki flanked by Tree and Franz and if I get 9 blue tiles there is almost nothing that will save the opponent at that point


Nerf @Suicide_Bunny !!!

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Enemy wasted his last three war flags in the last-minutes and we won with a 12 point lead, think he won us this war.

He is a great hero for very fast tournaments. But due to i
his durability he can also be used on offense.

Combined with c.Azlar he is boosting the dot 900dmg two turns. Great also for PvE where you can hold his special.


Already happened with treevil lmao

Have you tried stacking damage with balbar?

Anyone with him and Lady Locke, use them together, that debuff works with DoT so Locke can do about 2000 damage to 3 heroes if the enemy heroes have Franz applied, absolutely crazy damage and it doesnt care about defense stats.


That’s my beat everything team.

  • GOT FranZ ready…. So will take him out…l

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