Defense Team Around Heimdall

Last month I pulled Heimdall, currently my only S2 or S3 5* hero. I have him fully leveled and emblemed to 18. I am trying to build a defense team with him as tank (for raids and wars). Currently I run Sartana-Vela-Heimdall-Marjana-Lianna-C (all are around 17-19 emblems).

I’ve seen okay results, but wondering if I could do something better. Here are my other 5* leveled heros:

Fully leveled: Clarissa, Sartana, Bai Yeong, Leonidas, Vivica, Magni, Vela, The Hatter, Heimdall, Lianna-C, Elena, Marjana

Leveled to 3-70: Zulag, Victor, Quintus, Domitia, Isarina, King Arthur, Kadilen, Reuben, Azlar, Khagan.

Any tips/help would be awesome! Thanks.

That prob is your best team. Clarissa would be better then startana but then you have an emblem issue

Also ideally you prob dont want lianna on your team with heimdall as tank.

Sorry thats not super helpful but emblems make putting teams together a lil more difficult

Thanks for the thoughts. I wish I had a better yellow. But nothing so far. I think Bao and Leo are not that great for defense. I could try them and see what happens.

Give this a go:

Leo-Clarissa-Heimdall-Vela-Marjana. Should keep you in platinum.

Heimdell flanks should either support or be aoe hitters like clarissa and vela, leave wings to be snipers like Marj, Bai Young.

Thanks for the tip. Why are aoe or support thought to be the best flanks with heimdall.

That’s a sweet team!

Do you think Leo or bai yeong is the better wing?

You know pal, the more I look at it, I’d do C Lianna Vela Heim Clarissa Marjana. Vela would fire with red stacking and Lianna is so much better than either yellow for defense.

I wish I had Joon…someday :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the help.

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