Floundering in a sea of 5* heroes not sure who to level

Somebody please help me to focus my efforts better… Been a few months since starting, and a few $$, but I’m floundering in trying to better focus my team for raids and seasons… Help will be HUGELY APPRECIATED!!!

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I’m sure you’ve noticed but the way you leveled your heroes, you spread out a lot of exp across them. It’s better to focus on 1 hero of each color; better to have a few good heroes than a bunch of just okay ones.

Looking over your roster, I would recommend maxing more 4*s before 5*s. Reason being that they are faster to level. It’s important to have a good selection of strong heroes for each color, so you can color stack; e.g. bring 2 or more red heroes in a level with mostly green enemies. The red matches would then add the attack stats of both red heroes to deal much more damage.

Boldtusk, Kiril, Melendor, Proteus, Lancelot, Triton, and Wilbur… all of those are great heroes that I would recommend maxing. Even though they’re 4*s they are very reliable for a long time, as they have very good abilities.

5*s I would focus on once you feel you have a decent selection to stack strong colors. The ones I would do afterwards:

  • Guinevere (she’s the queen on defense)
  • Kunchen (slow but very valuable healer)
  • Frida (tanky dispeller)
  • Evelyn (fast dispeller)
  • Zimkitha (fast cleanser)

I would also max Gato and Namahage… being 3* they will not take long and they’re so close, they’re great for their rarity. Will be helpful for raid tournaments and challenge events. If you don’t want to fall behind, then feed them common 1* heroes of their color, and keep everything else for your better heroes.

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Thanks Dave, I was so focused on getting strong enough to help my alliance in wars that I absolutely did spread myself way out. Now that I’m typically one of the 2 or 3 top attackers in every war, I’ve decided to really focus on getting one team maxed as quickly as possible and to make it the strongest I can while grinding away to improve others. What 4* heroes should I sacrifice to get improve my others? I’m definitely going to get gato and nama leveled up soon too.

I don’t think there’s any 4* you have to feed away, if that’s what you meant by sacrifice. Keep at least one of each just in case they get buffed in the future or if an event is introduced with battle conditions they excel in. An example of this, Hu Tao was IMO one of the worst 4* heroes until v20, I would now consider him to be okay; deals decent damage to all with his special skill and crowd controls well in the Rush Attack raid tournaments.

If you need heroes to feed them, run S1 8-7 to get lots of recruits. Then go to your training camp and set up level 2 and level 11 training as regularly as you can.

I have 3 training camps at lvl 11 running the cheapest heroes all day long… 1 is at 853 heroes right now and the other 2 are at 195 each… That’s how I’ve been able to get so many decent 4 and 5*'s to where they are… I’m just trying to “narrow” my focus to so that I’m not needlessly leveling sumimoto when I likely won’t use him - that kind of thing… I toyed with the idea of having him in center and boril and cyprian flanking him at one point, but realized that it’s just too hard to focus everywhere and that’s why I reached out

If it’s narrowing your focus then here’s my list of 4*s, 1 per color:

  • Melendor
  • Kiril
  • Boldtusk
  • Proteus
  • Li Xiu

Li Xiu may seem controversial but it would be helpful for you at this point to have more yellow heroes that bite back. Guinivere and Vivica, as good as they are, they are also very passive heroes.

Cool thanks, I just realized I left out a couple that I have Chao 4/70+9 and Tigard 4/70+7

Meaning their talents

Still better than Chao & Rigard?

Oops, yea I totally missed them. I would say Chao and Li, and Rigard and Proteus, they’re all useful in their own way.

Proteus blocks mana which is itself is great for bosses, raids, wars… he deserves to be maxed for sure.

Li Xiu is decent. She cuts mana to all enemies instead of just the one Chao hits.

Beautiful… Thank you brother

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