Flags vs war chest percent – How many flags do you need to use in War for it to count toward your War Chest participation? [Answer: Just 1]

Does using 1 flag allow you 100% participating for war chest? I thought it did since newer players don’t have 6 teams to use but as long as they use 1 they’d get full chest. Is that the case? Basically as long as you do something you get counted as participating in that war?

Yep, indeed, using 1 flag per war allows you to have 100% participation at the war chest.


As near as I can tell, the participation % is based on the number of points towards filling a chest a player is active in producing, whether that participation is 1 flag or 6. So if a player uses only one flag in a victorious war they will effectively be credited with 20% participation for the current chest, whereas a player using 6 flags in a losing war will only be credited with 4% for it when the current chest is filled.

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Using 1 flag in a losing war also only gives 4%. Its not the number of flags its the act of participation that seems to drive the number. I was fairly sure it was you got participation vif you used at least 1 flag even if you lose. There is an issue regarding this and I wanted to check here as other sites tend to be less reliable…a lot less.

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It is my understanding that all you need to do to be counted for “full participation” in a war is to put up a 5 hero defense team and use 1 flag in the war. Which is kind of sad, I think every warring player should use all 6 flags, even if their last flags are just a bunch of unleveled 1* junk they churned out of their TC at the last minute.

To me, not using all war flags is the equivalent of logging on with 3 titan flags and only hitting the titan once. …. seriously, why? Why even bother being in an alliance in the first place?


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