Let’s discuss a theoretical war defense team

So, in light of this Telluria mess, I’m considering a different strategy for war defense. Our alliance uses purple tanks and I had been thinking I could still use the GTV combo and do better than I could with a purple tank. But with all this nerfing I’m thinking outside the box.

Clarissa is a strong potential hero for paladin emblems because her toughness can see that she fires many times and she’ll punish the color that she is weak to. Plus, even when going the defense route she will pick up like 4 attack nodes to bolster her DOT while keeping her tanky.

Still with me? Good. I also wanted to try and work Ursena into my defense to benefit from Clarissa’s element link, and because she’s badass on defense. I didn’t want her at flank though because she’d be too vulnerable next to another purple. However, average speed heroes on the wing can be too slow to contribute much unless the match is drawn out.

Enter Brynhild. Brynhild flanking between the 2 would boost mana to make Ursena a threat on the wing, would let at least part of my team heal, which is good for war defense, and her special skill defense stacks with Clarissa’s link for a whopping +104% defense against special skills, which is totally undispellable. Not to mention that Brynhild is a rogue, which just gives even more longevity. I would like have emblems on all of these heroes.

Other flank would be Gravemaker with either Finley or Vela as the opposite wing. Or perhaps even Jabberwock, but 3 purples, despite the link would feel like tempting fate against a yellow attack team.

What’re your thoughts?

I like the idea of giving emblems to Clarissa as it’d make her a lot more fun on offense too.

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Taking into account new hero buffs I’ve been thinking on this:


Thanks for sharing, but I’d like to stay on the topic of my post

I like Finley as left wing instead of Vela with that lineup (or for lots of lineups for that matter). Just adding his def down to the opposition maximizes that damage from a GM-Clarissa-Ursena combo. And even if Vela retains extra damage to fire I can’t see players wanting to stack reds for that defense. Possible yes, but I would think less likely still.

Personally I would have mixed feelings about Brynhild only because of her durability as a 4*. Her protection against special skills is great and mana buff plus heal is great, but for me I just don’t know if those pluses make up for some loss of durability. I also prefer a team wide healer even if HoT and that’s just what I look for always and Bryn is missing that piece. But, with Bryns mana buff and just having a really fast def in general maybe the def takes out the opposition fast enough that a heal for the whole team is unnecessary? But not having Bryn then presents a problem as in what to do with Ursena? If you didn’t have Brynhild then maybe there is benefit to running Ursena tank and Clarissa as wing since she is very fast with an average speed healer between them?

Yeah I was thinking about this too. Bryn with max emblems and rogue class could be decently durable. The potential synergy is quite unique and powerful though :thinking:

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Two purples togheter would be easly cleaned by yellow stack.
Having a 4* in a defense team could support you in 2400-2500 cups but I think no more. A 4* (+20) is similar to a 5* (4/80). And people in diamond have deep bench of bright heroes.


No HoT but threatering team. If I see this I click next.

Lol I’m talking about war defense…

I wish i could war against it

Curious myself

I would probly crit troop bryn fwiw

U may try swappin places with ursena and Clarissa if first setup seems no good

Thinkin drake instead of a blue might be better too, possibility to blind the malosi’s out there plus well it’s frickin drake lol but idk if you have him

Ariel gets you healed, cleansed, and 24% mana boost, and at flank she’d thrive.

If Ursena was on one wing, you could get Cheshire Cat (fast hero) on the other and have undispellable poison for all plus -44% defense for all Holy. You’d need to max emblem the Cat, but at +19 mine is sitting at 752 attack and 695 on defense before troops. You could boost defense along the emblem path and get both over 700 if you wanted (and HP over 1200).

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I know, I wish it was possible to test this stuff! Crit troop is a wise idea.

The reason why I thought Clarissa tank is to get the defense link up fast and because with emblems as Paladin she would hopefully be more durable. Ursena is fairly squishy for a tank :thinking:

Wish I had Drake. Thanks for rubbing it in :smile:. Yeah my yellows are a bit “weak” with only Gazelle maxed and Neith or Sif fighting for the 6 darts I have. I didn’t want to put another green either since it would make Brynhild more vulnerable.

Ariel is a better healer, but she’s average and I wanted the mana boost to come at fast speed.

And C Cat would have to fight Ursena for those same emblems lol and she’ll win

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Wouldnt another green make vela more effective?

I think your clarissa-brynhild-ursena is a fun idea, and the logic behind it makes sense. One thing which it sounds like you already considered though is it invites the yellow stack. Obviously there is no guarantee the offense will get the yellow tiles early enough and a yellow team going against ursena and clarissa without yellow tiles will get destroyed quickly so brynhild isn’t really value added there. Conversely if the offense does get the yellow tiles I don’t think brynhild will save you so she’s also not value added in that case either.

And while you are correct the paladin class makes clarissa more tanky you want ursena to fire when everyone is above 50 percent health and with clarissa gravey and your other wing likley going off before ursena you won’t get the full effect of her hit.

In my opinion I think this is a fun defense to put in your tower to see how many cups you hold, but I do not believe this is your best defense to help your alliance win wars.

But who knows it’s all RNG anyway

The core group would be X - GM - Clari - Bryn - Urs

So it’d either be Finley, Vela, Jabs, or another green. But 2 greens with all the extra damage to yellow would make a red stack too tempting.

Fair points. For me, I don’t think average speed heroes thrive on the wing. However, Bryns mana buff makes Ursena just a hair under fast speed, which could help keep her relevant in terms of pacing.

But let’s be fair, if you’re mostly under 50% health and you got DOT on you and Ursena fires, you’re f*cked anyways lol

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I think what would be a great idea and a way to bring variety to alliance war is if they implement a rotating tank every war similar to tourny. Every war, we’re force to use a different color tank, Green-Blue-Red-Purple-Yellow or whatever system they want but it’ll definitely bring some much needed fun into alliance war.


On the right wing I would Finley, as I don’t think he will let you down. Vela doesn’t hit hard enough. On the topic of Brynhild; I would never put a 4* hero on defense unless you invest 20 emblems into them. If you are willing to max her emblems, that defense plan seems really solid.

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I don’t have a good 5* rogue (Sorry Sif) so I was considering maxing Brynhild. I don’t know it’s the experiment is worth the resources though

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