First-World Problems, Holy Edition

Thanks to a nice run of draws, I have some really tough decisions on who to first give the darts for final ascension, and the Holy aethers for limit-breaking.

Queen Guowang


The first two of these three have threads full of people accusing them of being overpowered. But obviously they serve quite different roles.

Oji devastating against minion-makers – but that’s still a little limiting, isn’t it? You don’t always face those. Whereas you can always use healing. BUT I’m also leveling up Xnolphod. Yes, it’s post-nerf Xnol, but is that good enough?

Does it make sense to level Cleo AND Xnol?


There’s always a use for a yellow healer given the number of purple tanks in war. In my head, in a perfect world, you need to have 6 ready war teams, ready for all colours of tanks.

Some people like to stack 3 colours strong against the tank, which means you need 18 heroes of each colour to be ready for any scenario in war…have you reached that point? If not, I think Cleopatra is pretty good for that purpose…

I am always biased towards healers so I would personally and generally do Cleopatra.

Lately I’ve been in need of a yellow attacker, so fast hit all Ogima looks pretty good too. Might be a coin toss between those two (for me personally)

Who should Wolf-Fang pick?
  • Ogima
  • Cleopatra
  • Queen Guowang

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