Yellow hero, next to max

Just putting some feelers out since I am going to start working on my next yellow hero and limited on darts. I have Cleopatra and Ogima in the queue. Matilda was once a consideration but since her nerf I haven’t been that high on her.

Ogima is a niche hero but I don’t have a good anti-minion hero on my roster.

Cleopatra has a big heal and prevents status ailments but doesn’t overheat which is more valuable.

I currently have Hichiko, Rhys, CC Leonidas, CC Joon, Kulervo, C Viv, Topaz, Queen Guowang, C Inari, Sif, Rana, Malosi, and Onatel maxed.

Here is a poll for you

  • Cleopatra
  • Ogima
  • Matilda

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Voted for Cleopatra because she can be a monster on defense and offense as well. Topaz is a very good anti-minion hero imo. Ogima can be very good as well, but is indeed only for minions.

You might also want to consider a second Leo. C Leo + CC Leo + a third hitter is bye-bye to 3 at least :slight_smile:

I pretend you could max any ine of them immediately.
I choose Maltida for her damage, which is not found in your Holy.

Actually these 3 are all decent choices.

Ogima is great, decent damage, anti minion and a Bard.
But you have already a yellow Bard, Rhys, and with Topaz a good yellow minion remover. I see only Vivica as a yelllow healer, so Cleopatra would add something new, ailment protection, to your yellow stack.

Happy gaming

Between Cleo and Matilda, i dont know if i should chose the beautiful or the cute one. I voted for Cleo as her heal is unmatched. But with Rhys I am more inclined towards cutie.