Holy doubt

Looking at my roster, which holy hero would you level and why?

Thanks for your feedback

Mist I would definitely max mist.


And where would you spend your darts?

Kind of hard to follow but Neith looks like your choice.

Can you give the reason behind your choice?

She is pretty balanced. Good on defense and can buy you an extra turn or two on on offense as well as blinding all.


I agree…

You’ve got plenty of punch… Neith gives you something different - a delaying tactic and that could help you in matches where you’re forced to fight a longer fight.


i would go with inari. she has great tile damage, which is nice against dark titans, and also for yellow stack in attach teams. on top, she is fun to play in attack. i would not recommend her as first yellow, but you already have posy and onatel maxed. she is nothing for defense in my opinion, but you do not need a new yellow for defense I guess. so yeah, Inari would be choice. tomorrow the new yellow HTOM is released, depending on its final form and your plans to summon in April, you can wait until tomorrow, to see if you may like him more.


Onatel with Li xiu and neith can be a good trio for mana control.
So my choice would be neith.

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From what you have Neith for the mana reduction & full blind. I’m in a similar position of choosing between Neith, Sif, Leonidas or of course wait until the end of April see if the HOTM drops

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In regards to what you said, Sif is a great flank imo

Yes that’s the way I’m leaning at present maybe sat next to Telluria with Vela on the opposite flank

Norme is a great hero that you can use both as a tank and as a flanker with telluria in position 4 is very strategic.
I was wrong to write the name apology

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Thanks, certainly worth a look at. Always happy to give an option a trial

Maybe I am blind but don’t see Sif in your roster. I have Inari emblemed and never regret it. She is truly most diverse hero from everyone in your roster.

I suggest giving here darts.

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In whose roster Bukefal? The original poster didn’t mention Sif, I have her but Unlevelled as yet & that’s where she came into the equation

Lol, sorry my bad. I saw only green post icon.

Haha, no worries. Although I would agree with your Inari comment, she’s hard work at times to deal with

I was suggesting to WAFC to use sif…
anyway thanks everybody for your feedback


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