Best overall sorcerer class 5* to level

Hi to all,

I need think tank of forum to help me choose witch sorcerer class 5* will be best overall to level for offense and defense. I don’t need it for titans

So, I have Ursena, Morgan and Mitsuko.

Seems to me overall Ursena is the best to feed here emblems and give here advantage over other 2 but looking on automatic defense Morgan could be more useful. Not sure if what way to go. Got Ursena and Morgan to 3/70 and Mitsuko just got here on last Atlantis pull.

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I think you should do ursena because she is such a pain when I face her. Morgan is nice same with mitsuko but I think ursena would be the best choice wait for other responses though :smile:

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Thanks, for replaying. Got also Kunchen and Hel maxed purple for now so brining Ursena in is bit monochromatic for my taste.

Were Ursena would be most useful offense or defense?

Thing is I have 440 emblems and not sure who to give.

I was thinking for raid and war auto defense to use team:

Kunchen, QoH, Morgan, Inari and King Arthur

And for offense

Hel/Ursena, Greg, Magni, Marjana/Anzogh, Ranvir/Leonaidis/Joom

Totally confused what way to go.

I don’t have Ursena, but I do have Morgan and Mitsuko. I’d go for Mitsuko.

From what I’ve seen, Morgan really only shines when she is on war defense. I would go for Mitsuko.

Really appreciate your opinion. I am working on QoH 3/46 for now also have Anzogh and Elena to 3/70.

Do you think Mitsuko would be better for my 3rd ascension?

I had mixed feelings about Mitsuko when I pulled her. Everyone on the forum says to max her and that I won’t regret it.
Looking at your defense team, I just faced a Morgan tank… I wouldn’t recommend them. Morgan needs to survive to drain the health. If she is constantly getting hit, even if she is lucky enough to fire her special, she’s dead next turn. I think Morgan’s only place on defense is the wing. I had a bad board and Morgan did fire, but I killed her so fast after that she only got to drain 1 turn’s worth.

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I was also facing Morgan numerous times in raids and she was never a big challenge.

Mitsuko was bigger problem for me to face as she drains mana and neutralize my Isnaria. She was very good overall in war defense and raid defense.

Is she useful in offense as well?

I just pulled Mitsuko and haven’t started leveling her yet. When I made a thread asking about her, everyone said she shines on offense: Legendary 5* Reds; is Mitsuko worth it?

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I think it depends on your priorities because all those are good heroes.

I prioritize titans, so if it was up to me I’d do Ursena, because she reflects the blind ailment from yellow titans back to them when her reflect is active. And she’s the strong color against them too.

Morgan for war defense in the wing is great. And I like Mitsuko for offense a lot, since she’s the only red hero strong against two colors, green and blue.

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Thx, for replaying. I wanted to know what of this 3 was most useful overall.

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