Fire Heroes...Who Should I Be Spending Resources On?

So, I’m getting to the point where I need to figure out who best to focus on because I keep getting Fire 4/5’s, and they all require similar items level/ascend. I have:

5*'s: Baldur, Elizabeth, Elena, and Reuben.
4*'s: Shaderweave, Scarlett, Shale, Carol*, Colen, Boldtusk, Gormek, Guardian Falcon.

I also have a bunch of crappy* ones and duplicates, so also trying to figure out who best to feed those to.

*I really don’t find Carol very useful, but for some reason, I hesitate to get rid of her…

Also, I have a TON of 3*'s, I have no idea who to focus on.

3*'s I think I’m keeping?: Sudri, Jahangir, Bauchan, Hawkmoon, Namahage, and Nashgar. Does anyone know if the threes are ever going to get graded? There’s a ton that don’t have anything. I don’t play often enough to really figure out who does what, best, so I actually rely on those, a lot.

Based on my understanding from your post:

  1. 5 stars ; Elizabeth > Baldur > Rueben or Elena,
  2. 4 stars ; healer first for me always, Boldtusk >GF > Gormek >Scarlett > Colen > Shaderweave>Carol (She’s good; underrated)
    Will work on Shale provided I have another ninja to go along.
  3. Three Stars, keep all of them one each at least. Useful for weekly tournament when needed.

Just my preference and because I was in a similar situation before.
Have fun and stay safe.

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I second that from the post above.

Just my two cents regarding Carol, I wasn’t impressed initially either, but I maxed and emblemed her on the attack path and I have really come to like her. She goes up to ~450 dmg with a good troop. I’d consider bumping her up to after Boldtusk and Guardian Falcon.

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I agree with The Game Sho on 5* but would definitely put GF ahead of everyone in 4*.
Elemental defense debuff is just too good and he is also very sturdy, for 5* territory usage.

3* are… Complicated.
Sudri and Bauchan are must haves for fast tournaments, you want a Hawkmoon because with costume she is amazing (likely the red 3* I use the most).
Namahage is also very good although not exactly sturdy and one of the reasons is its animation is very fast (compared, let’s say, to Azar who has similar skill and stats with costume bonus). It may seem irrelevant but turns into several seconds in 3* tournaments :wink:

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I really like Elizabeth! I’m stuck though, waiting for some ascension mats. I think I’ll work on Shale (I also have Ametrine and Sapphire) GF, for now. Also, I have tons of emblem things, but I’m not really sure how to apply them?

You can’t apply emblems until you have maxed the character and its skill level. Then a button will appear to access the talent tree, which is where the emblems are used to apply talents. There is plenty of advice on the forum as to most suitable talent choices for most heroes; otherwise, of course, just ask when you get to that point.

Personally I have never yet used emblems on a 3* (not saying I never will), but I use them a lot on my favourite 4* to beef them up. It’s a good idea to emblem to a high level any 5* you use on your defence teams.

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