Very first world problems - which Fire is the best of the best :)

Hey there,

I had an amazing luck with Fire heroes in the past few month, so I need now to pick between:

  • Tetisheri
  • (Costume) Marjana
  • Xenda
  • D’Artagnan
  • (Costume) Gefjon
  • Sekhmet
  • Otis

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I am curios if the rest of you see the priorities similarly to me.

I have maxed already: Black Knight, Elizabeth, Octros, Garnet, Lewena, Costume Vanda, Alucard

Thank you!

Costume Marjana got my vote.
She will be forever useful in the game.
Other new shiny heroes come and go
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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I’ve gone Tetisheri but I should caveat that to say she needs troop support for the hero you want her to boost.

Essentially she now allows me to fire Khufu at the same time as she fires (with another Fast to finish the target). That’s the kicker with her and if you have a combo like that then she’s amazing.


That’s why I picked her. I use her and Gefjon in a one-two punch to get the mana boost.

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Thanks, guys! So the poll seems to reflect overall my opinion. I will go with Tetisheri because I don’t have a 5* Fire defense down and now I can replace Wilbur for titan. Actually I will replace Wilbur with Tetisheri and Gazelle with C. Wilbur and I can even add Black Knight in the mix for some good extra attack up.

C. Marjana will be next. I am just sorry that Xenda will need to wait so much, I was looking forward to have fun with her.

So far my main Fire team had Black Knight, Elizabeth and Lewena. Alucard was replacing either Elizabeth or Lewena when going against minions. I think Tetisheri will work good with Lewena, for sure I need to do some permutations and think about two good Fire teams.