Finished! I've completed my roster... mostly

I’ve finished my roster as far as I can go, with the following caveats:

  • I don’t level dupes. It ruins the tenuous RPG element of the game for me. I’m keeping a few to see how costumes and hero academy pan out.

  • I need 3 more scopes for Richard

  • a few of the less popular 3* still need a couple of levels on their special, but I will feed them dupes as they come

I am running three TC 20 and leveling the Fourth.

So, my plan is just to run tc20 until more unique 5* emerge (or Kelile, the last remaining 4*)

I save my gems for red pulls and Atlantis.

Any other thoughts or ideas?


Congratulations! that you’ve won the game…you get to rig people’s accounts

Edit: [reserved for actual constructive feedback]


I love the tidyness of your roster. I have so many dupes but if I didn’t keep them I wouldn’t even be able to colour stack!

I’ve got terrible luck with summons and my TC 20s only gives me dupes - often nice ones like 3 Liannas but still, dupes!


I would be very happy with 3 Liannas considering my only green 5* right now is Elkanen! :wink:


Took me a whole year and a half to collect all classic 4*s, you’ll get Kelile soon! :crossed_fingers:


4* trainer talent up to +20 :rofl:

Congratz on your great roster.
But what now? Summoning?


Poor Thorne. No love for him I see.

Never mind I just noticed that’s a dupe.

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You don’t really want to level a kelile though do you?

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I guess you can leave the game on top!

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Am I selectively blind or do I seriously see no red 5s in that whole roster? I have a tendency to do that kind of thing but I scanned through several times… Wth?



You’re absolutely right.

It is to my great frustration. I only pull on red elemental summons and Atlantis, but nothing so far.

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Beggars can’t be choosers.

And with 37 hidden blades and thousands of recruits tied up in my training camps, it won’t really set me back!


It’s funny what the game gives people. I have 45 heroes; Twenty 4*, Five 5*, and Twenty 3*… With Two Keliles.:+1:
I only have one 4* and no 5* Purple, and it’s Cyprian… :-1:

You have almost no event heroes, go chase them :grin:
What do you use Gobbler for? Or was he ascended for collection purposes only?

Mostly for collection.

But his green average/AoE is quite good for farming 8-7.

And maybe, just maybe, they’ll fix him!

I support this. They can also fix other heroes that are lying around in my roster :joy: or add some 4 star minion summoners to the game, then I would consider ascending him.

But I’d rather see a 3 star rebalancing. Dawa and co deserve some love

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