📯 Fenrir – Season 3 Hero – 5* Ice/Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Yes but that has not been correct. If so one of them is a bug bc look at my BT image. So there is a bug either one way or another.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the King Arthur & Fenrir 1-2 chop & chomp combo. Your set-up sounds fun too. I only have Fenrir and Elena for fighters so I believe I will throw emblems at Fenrir. I’m thinking attack and pick up health + defense along the way, thoughts?

I think he might even be an upgrade in my defense team compared to KA (who is currently in there):

Kunchen def down goes off, Drake and Zim soften them, and Fenrir polishes one off. @Guvnor @ALI_G


yeah i was disappointed with the Update Notes today

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What did they say??


Nothing about Realm Bonuses

Think Fenrir is not bad in right wing in defense at all. If you are going to emblem him even more so.
He is a bit squishy so you may try to focus on defense and health while picking up attack on the way. He is anyway a monster with the 600% and most of the time is an overkill. So something like 800/800/1400 stats if any path allows it seems like a good path for me and something more and more am doing ( Vela, Kingston etc. ) i have taken to over 800 defense + all my Rigards. Seems 800+ is a defense that allows survivability. With all the DoTs and Clarisa coming in may, hp also will be important.


Sounds like my King Arthur & Alice combination!
Packs a wallop in offence!

Given your Blue options I would say that YES Fenrir is an upgrade over King Arthur on a defence team. Given your roster, I would probably definitely be stripping fighter emblems from Elena to give them to Fenrir :slight_smile:


So I’m in a tough spot. I had given the green light to Fenrir for my 6 scopes but the closer he gets to 3.70 the more I wonder if I should give them to Vela. It’ll be a while before I get 6 more and she seems way better than anyone thought.

I do have Telluria too but don’t care much about having the Telluria/Vela defense. I hold diamond just fine. My concerns are making the best offensive choices. I typically use 3-2 though Gazelle might make a viable rainbow raiding team with emblems and the right synergy.

Fenrir seems really fun to use on offense and an excellent finisher, but if a target is over 50% his hit is weak. Vela on the other hand does an extra 70% damage to red and weakens the whole team.

My current maxed 5’s are Kingston+7, Finley+9, Ariel, Black Knight, Jabberwock+5, and soon to be Gazelle. Soonish to be c. Lianna, Kage, and Grazul.

Which of the two can you put the most emblems on?

I don’t think either will get emblems. Alby, Vela, and Gazelle are my main druids and I think Gazelle is most deserving because she’s crazy good on offense.

And I think Kingston is a better fighter and he’s who I have my fighter emblems on currently.

So that doesn’t make it any easier to choose. I want to decide who will be most versatile on offense :thinking:

Agree dudeeeee with all my bad luck over 8-9 months (20 pulls every event) i pulled gazelle, she is beautiful on ofense.

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I hate Vela…I think she is one of the best heores in the game. I have a lot of problems in raids when I fight against her. I have Fenrir…he is amazing but Vela is threatening.


One thing to consider is heroes on defense get something like a 20% attack increase? So feared heroes on defense like Vela and Ursena hit a lot softer offensively.

However, Velas extra damage to red, which is 70% extra, is the highest in the game. That is significant. But with Gazelle I can’t imagine giving my druid emblems to Vela. So I would just be using Vela at 4.80.


Not always, not every Titan and he’s slow, he’ll burn through items, especially mana potions. I prefer Wilbur+BT for most Titans these days.

The good? Miki’s silencing lasts for a loooong time…

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@Mr.Spock I hear you talking! Today my puppy finally graduated to top dog!

However - Kingston has 7 fighter emblems. He’s not in my main defence or offence. I have Zeline, so I’m fine.

I have Vela on +7 emblems, she does the main blue fast mana job on offence. She used to be great on defence, boosted by Blacky but that job went to Ursi.

Versing Vela, (as a Vela user) I’m not afraid, I usually survive, she’s nasty only when there’s several DoTs going at the same time (fire…)

So on offence I’d rather use Fen. Just tried him on a few raids, he’s not “better” than Vela but I suspect that’s because of his missing emblems.

Also consider - you can direct Fen in attack. When your enemy uses riposte Vela is toast. If you debuff, and I often sacrifice Zeline for that, then fire Vela, her attack is frustratingly soft.

Fen gets my vote. Now, do I take emblems off Kingston??


Good info, thanks. The thing I’m trying to be practical about with Fenrir is that sometimes he’s only going to hit for 300%, gain no mana, and gain no health. It’s easily to idealize a hero in their most optimal setting, but important to consider how they’ll perform when things aren’t ideal. That’s where at the same speed, Vela is much more consistent, albeit her damage more diffuse.

The meta seems to be pushing towards DOT, but it’s not there yet. Maybe I’ll do Fen now and Vela next. Ugh I can’t decide :weary:


I that boat too…only using them for offense I am leaning towards Fenrir.

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Just did a revenge raid with unemblemed Fen instead of Vela+7. Rainbow team attack(wish I’d recorded it!). It worked out. Crapola tiles BTW.

Why? After a while there were 2 weak enemies left, I was down to 2 weak ones too. Fen, Seshat. So now, if I had Vela, there wouldn’t have been much of a target for an an AoE heroine. But I was able to target those particular enemies…

(My darling Seshat is always the last woman standing…)

Go Fen!
Edit* His super fast charging is winning me over


There is an error in polish translation in Fenrir special. It’s described like Fenrir will give 600% MORE damage, so it would be 900%.