Athena or Alasie which to max and emblem?

I just pulled both Athena and Alasie from the portal wondering which is better? I have over 1k emblems waiting for the lucky winner…

I also grabbed Frida but the emblems make this a two horse race…

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I prefer Athena, especially for Telluria def. Because Alasie has clashing skill with Telluria.
And Athena is pretty good for titans due to her def down skill.


Seconded - Athena is a game-changer with titans.

I have both and I prefer Alasie for her mana buff plus she’s fast. And for titans I use Issy before Athena for better tile damage and Nordi works great with her and the other blues.

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Do you have a good sniper already which isn’t costumed Magni? Alasie can wait, although is arguable best of the blue snipers. Athena brings nice utility to make your sniper even scarier.

Do you lack a sniper or the one you have happens to be costumed Magni with that sweet fast defense debuff? Well, then Athena can wait, damage dealer takes the precedence.

So I have Fenrir+5 with cMagni sitting at 3/70 with Athena and Alasie.

Doesn’t make it any easier!

I’d say then, Alasie will be better as solo blue and also better choice imho for defense than Fenrir. Athena shines in stacks and on titans… But if you like your Grimm or accept Athena’s survivability at 3.70, she can provide the utility your snipers need.

So in your case I would start with Alasie. Looks though that you have pretty much long queue of difficult blue ascension decision. Costume Magni and Frida are very much worth of ascending also. Them scopes better start raining.


Athena - 1 vote
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They are two totally different heroes, it depends on your deck, if you need a wing-evolving sniper, Athena is a very versatile great hero being who lowers defenses and attacks. To me personally Athena from many satisfactions

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Got lucky and pulled my final 'scope from a wanted mission chest, yay! Anyone else have any direct experiential wisdom to shed regarding these two heroes? I’m not looking for a defense hero as I have Ariel+16 happily holding the blue spot. Really looking for the best use of the scope and the 1,269 ranger emblems. I don’t have a good def down hero…cMagni sitting at 3/70.
Thanks for any additional advice

Pulled all my emblems off Athena for Seshat.

I’d vote for Alasie.

First, congrats on both the great pulls and awesome blue hero queue!

Given you said you lack a good D dropper in blue I would go Athena. Everyone’s style is different, but dropping D is pretty much universally good in almost all aspects of the game. I think her A-plus 5* D drop is harder to replace then Alasie’s perks of sniping hard and mana control, which can be found more universally.

Good luck though, I don’t think there is a wrong choice!


Trying to make this exact decision, would appreciate advice.

I’m currently using Grimm+20 against titans for defence drop.

These are my current Blue 5* heroes.

Will have about 450 emblems for the lucky winner.


You have no other defense droppers in ice, so imo, the answer is simple: Athena.

She’s still the best all-around dropper for titans, and pairs nicely with other heroes - especially blues.

I’m a stack, pair her with Richard, and even King Arthur (although, not as ideal with his snipe coverage) - and you’ll be good.

  • You already have Magni maxed for sniping, so really makes things simpler :slightly_smiling_face:


Athena is the BEST regular defense debuffer in the game. Period. Her defense down gets as high as -65% to the target and nearby as well as damaging them. The next best is costumed Brienne as she can do it also to -65% to all enemies but you could only strengthen a 3* hero by not much using emblems.


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