Featured Hero Summons - Preliminary Calendar

Hi guys, just a quick preliminary calendar for those looking to summon.
It is subject to potential changes, but at least Atlantis seems to be very accurate. Colors were included in case you are looking for the best period to bolster your bench in one specific color.
As costumes are fairly recent we cannot estimate a pattern, but next month should be between Elena, Quintus, Lianna and Vivica.

By the way, do not forget that the % of getting a 5* is low, so it may be wise to summon considering that and aiming for powerful 4* (taking about intermediate players or C2P). I particularly suggest costumes as they have great stats, are more versatile for trial quests and have a higher % of getting a good hero (2.5% versus 1% in events as example, as the other 1.5% is for S1 five stars but uncostumed, so way less powerful).

Good luck to all!


Nice work, thanks!

What alliance are you from?

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Hi Rigs, I am fellow Helios! I nearly was Groot Vol. 2 but got rejected a few months back ahahhaha.
Long time looking at the forum, not so much posting stuff. I used to be in Spanish speaker alliance (I am from South America) but I actually like a lot helios.
You have your own alliance right?

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Yea Crew-Saders

Helios is awesome tho, very respectable team

I was goin to share your chart but there’s no credit to the author or the alliance he’s from so figured I’d ask that way if i get asked, i have an answer

My 2 cents: I’d put your name and alliance somewhere in the chart, just helps with networking and stuff. Getting to know people has a lot of perks(some downfalls too but eh)


Good suggestion, thanks. Just updated it.
Feel free to share, hopefully it will help a lot of fellow E&Ps


Hey now :stuck_out_tongue: no need for that!

We didn’t COMPLETELY reject you haha. Just said “not yet”. From what you were saying tho you would be right smack in the wheelhouse now… except we got a wait list lol


I found the name to be attractive as I am a marvel fan, plus the possibility of eventually going to Vol. 1. I think I had like 23 or 24 Lvl 70+ and like 2000 feeders waiting for Christmas and I told that but anyways, I think it was for the best, otherwise I would not be in Helios now!


Both are good teams

If i had to choose, I’d go helios

Lol jk, i truly don’t know who I’d pick as i dont plan on ever leaving saders even if I’m the last one fighting solo wars

Plus i actually do like both teams, cant go wrong with either choice

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That would be a good way to die, fighting wars alone defending your alliance! Like a gladiator fighting your pride hahah

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Great and nice works, just like what I did…

Here is the spreadsheets link:

And here is what we are talking in this thread:
Next Atlantis Rises: January 23 - 26: Atlantis Calendar/Schedule/Date & Guessing Returning HOTM [Currently discussing January 23 Cycle]


Exactly I remember inspiring myself in one I looked at the forum a while back, but did not remember who was the owner.
Thanks for the inspiration! Just tried to add costumes featured and some colors

Already there since 4 days ago, but no worrie… we used to be as updated as much as we can.
I support your nice works…

Yup, nice to have other view with colors :+1:

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