Heroes list full and invocation


Does anyone know what happens if my heroes list is full and if I spend my gems for ten atlante heroes for example . The list will expand, or I lose my shopping ???

Thank u


When you use a silver token with a full list it expands temporarily. I don’t know if that would be the same for Atlantis pulls but I don’t see why not.

When summoning, you can exceed the roster cap. So go to 169/159 for example.
You cannot gain heroes from farming, or withdraw from training camps, but you will be able to summon as normal.


That’s what I thought too, but I preferred to have another confirmation.

Thank you

Yes, your cap temporarily expands. They certainly don’t want you to not summon due to a full roster!!
I’d suggest expanding your roster anyway, it’s cheap, 100 gems for something like 5 extra spots. I’ve just expanded mine by 10 because of the Atlantis summons. Nothing spectacular just Triton, 2x Gadeirus, Bunch of Muggys and Chochins plus Yunan, 3 Hisan, Arman and Ranvir as a bonus draw. So my feeder/3* space was getting cramped

Cap Increase costs rises as you move on, for me my next Increase will cost 200 gems

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Mine is around 600

20 characters


Mine is around 400, soon to be increased again…

I stopped when it reached 100. 50 I can justify for a slot but not more than that. Mainly I’m cheap.

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That 4 WE refills for S2 15/9n (44 runs for me.)during AR! Lol :scream:
Wolf9 :grin:

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@nevarmaor, mainly I’m cheap too but when I started I assumed I’d need a lot of room for all the 1/2/3/4/5* I was going to get. Heck I was already loaded with 1/2*…I NEEDED more space

I guess it kinda worked out as I have a lot of dupes and 5* future projects.

I may have gone a bit overboard though…:joy:


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