Monthly budget: summon Avalon or wait Atlantis?

Ciao to all! I’m looking for some help to examinate the pros and cons of summoning on Avalon vs waiting Atlatis.

First,my deck.
Blue: Miki full ascended, Ariel waiting the 6th scope.
Red: Zim and Santa full, elena waitin’mats, Khagan and Azlar at 2nd tier.
Green: Lianna, Hatter and Elkanen full ascended
Purple: Kunchen and Kage full, Obakan waiting the 6th tabard.
Yellow: only Inari, full ascended

Then my doubt: is it worthy to put my monthly 10xsummon in trying take Guinevre, or eventually others Avalon 5stars, or is it better wait Atlantis with its better odds on legendary?

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Do you like Guinevere, King Arthur, Morgan Le Fay, Lady of the Lake, Black Knight (Lancelot/Merlin)? Or do you prefer Alberich, Aegir (Proteus/Wilbur)?

The answer to that question is the answer to your question.


Agreed. Nice lineup, your weak color is yellow but you already have a strong tank in Kunchen. I would say wait, there are some more compelling yellow heroes coming out in Guardians and Wonderland.

Avalon comes along in another 5 months.

Ex hotm takes longer to repeat in the Atlantis portal, I believer

Atlantis will probably have either Ariel or Ursena too but their is also a pretty good chance Mok-arr will be featured.

I would say Atlantis since some of your current heroes are waiting on mats. That way you can also open the bonus chest.

I like the Atlantis flash offers. I forget what Avalon’s look like, but if it’s a good deal this time… I don’t know. It will likely be a ill thought out purchase filled with much regret and sorrow, and perhaps a little joy.

I obviously can not answer this question. Hope I could help.

Thanks all. Guinevre and Arthur would be great, the others and the new ones are probably not that i need.
And opening atlantis chest could be a great PRO that i forgot so i’ll use only the event coins and waiting for mok ar!

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Quite honestly, I am saving my gems for Atlantis. Since the new challenge coins are being introduced, gonna just complete rare and epic tiers and just summon one.

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Do you have any other 5* purple heroes? I wouldn’t give tabards to Obakan.

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I’ve 3 TC20 running without luck (80 pulls, 3x5* and 11x4*) and hoping for a Sartana or Domitia. But i must say that Obakan hold is place in my mono-purple team for raid even at 3/70.
prolly i will wait to have 10+ tabards before give his (or her?) 6

That’s a good plan. Ascend Obakan only if you have 10+ tabards and no other 5* purples.

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@ahriman512 I advise you to save any event coin you get, now and in the future. Collect at least 100 and use them in a month with great hotm. So you have better chances for an event hero and for hotm. I’ll do that.

I just finished the rare, and got a whole 5 challenge coins. If that is the drop rate, then 10 is do-able

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