Gimme Fated Summon advice, please

Hey, folks:

I’m about to do my first Fated Summon and I’m trying to make up my mind. I’ve done a lotta reading in the last week about it, and it’s time to do it!

I’ve seen all the recommendations and it sounds as if Grimble and Loki maybe the best bets, but …

I’m still new to the game (just under four months), and I have legendary heroes of every color except red.

Would you recommend I go for a red one to plug that hole, or should I get Grimble or Loki instead?

If I go the red route, I’m looking at Mitsuko or Zimkitha, as I’ve ruled the other two out.

I’d be enormously grateful if someone would lemme know whether I really need that red, whether that’s something important I need to take care of, or whether I should get the “best” hero.

Thanks very much,


Of those I think Mitsuko would be the best for starting out. I got mine around that time and she was AMAZING. So if you really need red get her or Loki if not.



Don’t sleep on Loki. You will be very very happy with him. And regret if you dont take him.

No matter what OP future heroes there may come, Loki can always copy their special.


Some of the 4* reds will get you through until you can pull one … I wouldn’t choose a hero “just because” you don’t have a red 5* to work on. Go with what you are going to enjoy doing in the game … not sure if you have any other anti-minion heros or what raid level your fielding so without knowledge of your present roster…I would go with LoLo first for his versatility then Grimble for minions. Such a difficult decision you have ahead…best of luck whichever you choose!


(@Chadmo and @H2v0c, too):

Since no one’s told me I absolutely oughtta have a full set of legendary heroes in each color, and none of the reds blows my hair back, either, then I’m gonna go with the fun option and get Loki. I can’t wait to try him out!

Thanks a lot for the guidance, folks; I appreciate it a lot! :kiss:



For sure binky. I always use Loki unless the opponent has too many healers. When you need a hard hitter, Loki can’t be that with Hathor and c Vivica left

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Bah! I stupidly pulled 30 heroes from the solstice summons today PRIOR to grabbing Loki, so none of those heroes counted toward my next Fated Summon. Sob!

Worse, it dawns on me that the fifteen I got last week did the ZACT same thing and also weren’t counted.

Grrr. I need to pay attention to what I’m doing.

(I seem to be having too much fun sometimes.) (I’m not genuinely complaining about that; I’m just irked I didn’t think those pulls through.)

(I’d had 20,000 gems I was saving for Black Friday, but it suddenly occurred to me: what if I’m not still playing the game by the time BF rolls around? Maybe I should get some heroes now so I don’t leave the game with a massive pile o’ gems?)

So just in case, I got ‘em now. Holy hell! As many heroes as I see every day during raids, I STILL largely got heroes I’d never seen before! Does anyone know roughly how many there are? I’m starting to think there must be thousands, as I often tap raid enemies’ heads to see who they are, and it feels as if I’ve still only seen a fraction of ‘em!

(I hafta hand it to the developer; they sure work HARD for their money!) (Well, save for the heroes who they copy/pasted and then simply edited their hair, like the Ronda Rousey characters (Sigrun and … the girl in red whose name I’m blanking on, but it’s Sigrun with different hair.) (I’m giggling because Sigrun is the first character I’m emblèmed.) (That was when I had no clue what I was doing, obviously.) (I have 16% more clue these days. :wink:)

At any rate, looks as if it’ll be awhile before I’m able to use Loki, but I can’t wait to see him in action! I hope I pulled a smart Loki, one who only steals the most effective specials! :grinning:

Thanks big bunches, Chad!

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In the app, you can go to the Museum and have a look how many heroes and costumes there are total in the game, and how many you have - you also gain gems for maxing heroes, so be sure to go and collect them (Look at your stronghold, and just on the right of that is some purple vertical bars, click this, it leads you there).

Right now it shows for me 798 heroes (and costumes) to be collected. Unless you’re very rich I would not worry about collecting them all, I only have 226 (so 1/3) and I am very happy because I have some fantastic heroes and love them all, they are useful and great to use).

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Oh! I didn’t think of using the museum! That’s a great idea! Though doesn’t it show some heroes more than once, treating the costumes as if they’re different heroes? (I don’t consider them different heroes; after all, when I get dressed every day, I’m still Bink regardless of whether I’m wearing business attire, a formal gown, an androgynous suit and tie, a bikini, or a clown suit because I’m not different people depending on the fabric covering me) (though if I were actually to buy and wear a clown suit, I’d think it appropriate if people were to question my mental health and whether I believe I have different people “inside” me!).

But a ballpark number is certainly good enough for me, so thanks! (Hell; I’da been happy with “Between 800-1000” as an answer.)

(Trying to collect them all?! I spose there is a handful of crazy people who do that (the ones who seem to spend thousands so they can … well, I haven’t the foggiest what it is they’re trying to do. Brag to their friends that they achieved first place in a tournament one afternoon in a game the friends have likely never heard of? I honest to cow can’t imagine what it is the people spending thousands are accomplishing/trying to accomplish!), but I’m a disabled vet, so I couldn’t collect ‘em all even if I were out of my mind and wanted to do that! If I had some extra money to spend, I’d buy a new DualShock, not some “heroes” in a Zynga game, of all things!)

So we’re talking roughly 800 characters, huh? Wowie! The people marketing this game REALLY know how to wring money out of folks, don’t they? I’m in awe! I don’t actually wanna SEE all the heroes, as I enjoy the surprise of getting new heroes ive never heard of/seen. Well, most of ‘em, anyway; I got a sunburned fat guy today, and he’s one of the types of heroes I think don’t fit especially well into games like this. (Others that strike me as being neither heroic nor villainous are children, dwarves, pets, grandparents, and inanimate objects (like floor and desk lamps, rocks/boulders/stones/similar, fish (because they have neither hands nor feet with which to fight), and so on.) (I assume I’m the only one with this concern; other folks are prolly delighted to attack/be attacked by anthropomorphized office equipment, or rocks.)

Hokay; I’m off to go look in the Museum myself, get a rough idea of how many there are in each category, as I’m curious; it often seems as if there’s an insane number of the things (and tthat’s prolly why they had to turn to things like rocks, office equipment, and other weird stuff that doesn’t attack people of its own volition) and I wanna go marvel at the developers’ imaginations (while moaning about my lack thereof :confused:).

Thanks for the info, bud; I appreciate it a lot! :kiss:

Duh. I forgot what is most likely the biggest reason there seem to me to be thousands of heroes: thanks to an accident, I have anterograde amnesia, so my short-term memory is about as useful as a great big phallus on my forehead would be. (Huh; I just thought of a use for that, so lemme replace “as useful as a great big phallus on my forehead” with … something totally useless. Am blanking right now on what that could possibly be!)

Thanks to the AA, it will always seem to me as if there’re thousands of heroes in the game. :confused: Maybe I should use a happier emoji, as I spose that’s not really a bad thing; it’s more annoying in that it takes me quite some time before I can remember the details of any given hero in my collection. (It’s actually great fun having heroes who can do sooo many different things and trying to think of ways I can use them together to smite my foes! It’s like a much, much, MUCH more complicated jigsaw puzzle! So when I recently got myself that great big clot of heroes, it was extremely taxing trying to remember which were the ones I oughtta get right on leveling, and which I could sit on for a long time (or maybe forever, before finally deciding to feed him to another hero). (I oughtta invest in a paper mill, as I’ve gone through nearly a ream since I started playing in early March.:disappointed:)

I got it: a colander without holes. That’s the most useless thing I can think of after trying for two minutes to think of something completely useless, and that’s a strainer that doesn’t strain. That’s apparently the best I can do in two minutes.